Anyone ever feel a deep connection with somone that you haven't spoken with forever?

Discussion in 'Psychic' started by Bella Désordre, Apr 1, 2007.

  1. Bella Désordre

    Bella Désordre Charmed

    I woke up the other night with an incredible feeling of warmth-almost like when you're on salvia-or on a head rush from cheap wine. I then felt this connection with somone I haven't spoken with forever and knew they were thinking of me too. Perhaps dreaming even as it was the middle of the night.
    Do these intense feelings of emotional connect usualy pan out to be mutual or is it most likely my subconcious coming to light in slumber?
  2. zengizmo

    zengizmo Ignorant Slut HipForums Supporter

    Bella, you're looking for someone to tell you what you need to find out for yourself. LOL The dreams and feelings you describe can pan out differently for different people, depending on the energy, and what your spirit is teaching you.

    For what it's worth: There IS some connection between you and that other person. What are you going to do with this experience? Only you can follow this journey to its conclusion.

    Warmth & light,
  3. darkain

    darkain Member

    I was just about to make a topic about this. There is this girl, I have not seen her in 3 years, last time I talked to her was on msn for a short period of time.... about a year and a half ago. I dream about her alot, and I wake up REALLY missing her... although during my regular days, I would not really care too much about her..
  4. zengizmo

    zengizmo Ignorant Slut HipForums Supporter

    Well darkain, something's going on here, isn't it? LOL You still know where to find her? Drop her a line and find out what's shakin', for cryin' out loud!

    You kids...

    Hmmm, I think I'll drop my old filipina girlfriend a line, now that I'm thinking about it...
  5. Rathor

    Rathor Member

    My brother, he was only 6 when this happened, but his mother took him to her friends house, and as soon as he got there he said "where's the man?"... Tina said "What man I never had a boyfirend here... I'm not mariied" and he relied "But the man has always been here and we're friends" and his mum said "You've never been here Reece" and he said "But the man was so nice to me!" and started crying.... Strange... anyone got an idea what happened? Similar things happen to me all the time too.

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