Anyone been to Twin Oaks?

Discussion in 'Communal Living' started by vanilla_faerie, Jan 18, 2005.

  1. Hey, I've been doing a lot of reading about them, on there website and otherwise. I'd like to hear from some people who have actually been there. Is it really as good as it sounds? I'm planning a visit, but it will be some time before I can make it out there. I've heard bad things about East Wind, and from what I understand Twin Oaks is a more child-friendly type of place. Can anyone give some feedback on TO?

    Thanks! :D
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    Twin Oaks is a great place, as always though you will not know if it suits you until you experience it yourself.

    I happen to live at East Wind and had visited Twin Oaks. Twin Oaks is full of marvelous people, is on some preatty land, and has a lot of structure.

    The process of getting into Twin Oaks with children is not a simple one. They are under a severe budget crunch.

    Eastwind is a wonderful place for children. I wish I had grown up here. We have a lot of children that visit here and they just love it.

    The difference between Eastwind and Twin Oaks, in my opinion, is the level of individualism and personal freedom.

    Twin Oaks was built with the works of BF Skinner in mind, and there seemed in my opinion to be a lot of effort for self modification and behavior change on the parts of the newer members.

    East Wind accepts people as they come, and gives them all the room they need to develop themselves (or not).

    If your more into structure and organization, TO is best for you. If you are a self starter and prefer to provide your own structure or lack thereof, EW might be better.

    As a parent, the process for joining either community will be a difficult one, as both communities have limited space for families, many families apply, and famlies built within the community are given first priority.
  3. Thanks for the reply! I don't currently have any children, but I'd like to have some in the future. I've heard that the people from EW get drunk every night and such, which may or may not be true. I'm not sure about raising a child in that environment. I was curious about the child issue because I have heard that a lot of communities don't want members to have children.

    I'm looking for a place that's not too much like the "real world", but organized enough to get things done. TO has a much more informational website than EW, which is perhaps why I'm more curious about it. Also, how's the weather out there at EW? I'm a sissy about snow.

    Thanks again. :D

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