anyone a massuse??

Discussion in 'Health' started by willow83, Dec 31, 2004.

  1. willow83

    willow83 Member

    I was thinking of being a massage therapist and was wondering if I would like it or not? anyone a massuse and could give me some insight on what they like about this career??
  2. John221

    John221 Senior Member

    My mum is, she has qualifications in all kinds of alternative therapies. She's been trying to start her own business from home and hasn't had many clients yet, but she seems to really enjoy everything she does.
  3. Crystaleyez

    Crystaleyez Member

    In Canada its three years of school to become a registered massage therapist, what bothers me about that is I don't think muscles respond very well to being called by their scientific names. Would you mind rubbing random rich naked, though draped, people? Would you like helping people? I am an intuitive massause which means I am not a registered massage therapist. For awhile I worked on the public once a month by donation as part of a healers circle. Myself, I prefer being able to incorporate reiki and compassionate dialogue into my treatments. I'm not sure that a spa would let me do that. So if a spa is not for you you'll have to set up your own business like the above posters mom. Just some thoughts.
  4. willow83

    willow83 Member

    So where did you learn reike? what is it exactly and how would one go about learning it????
  5. Crystaleyez

    Crystaleyez Member

    Theres reiki masters all over the place that are qualified to teach. Myself I learned from my mom who took a bunch of classes and practiced for years. Where do you live? I'll bet you could find a reiki class or workshop in your area. Reiki is hands on healing. It is a chanelling of the universal energy that is all around us.:)
  6. willow83

    willow83 Member

    I'm in Chico Ca, I found one lady that teaches, but she charges like 400 bucks! To me, I think this is the type of thing that shouldn't cost so much to learn, kinda greedy huh?
  7. Crystaleyez

    Crystaleyez Member

    Its a service. Healers need to eat to right? Once you learn it you can charge people money for treatments and prolly make your money back. In India people that devote their lives to healing others and spirituality are fed wherever they go and greatly respected. Doctors get paid alot, ministers get paid, waiters get paid, artists get paid, healers need to get paid too. In western society you won't make it very far without money. You may want to go meet the woman and souce out her vibes to make sure she is kind and a true healer. I've heard people say that healers shouldn't charge for their work, but if they are devoting their lives to healing others they have to charge. How else will they survive?

    p.s. You can prolly find some books on reiki or pranic healing which is very similiar.

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