Discussion in 'Poetry' started by madcap, Apr 27, 2007.

  1. madcap

    madcap Member

    Solitary paradise in a field, engulfed by silence
    Overcome by the nothingness
    Small sounds travel easily in empty spaces
    I can choose any direction in the wilderness
    Who own's the soil? Who cares for the weeds?
    It is anybody's, belongs to no-one
    It is mine, for now.
  2. Miss_Beatle

    Miss_Beatle Beatlemaniac

    Cool poem! Good job :)
  3. madcap

    madcap Member

    Thanks :D
  4. bobdylan08

    bobdylan08 Member

    Nice poem, the imagery is great. :)
  5. Sirius

    Sirius Member

    I really, really liked your poem
  6. sylvanlightning

    sylvanlightning Prismatic Essence

    Excellent, well done! :)

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