anybody else do this to their dreads

Discussion in 'Dreadlocks' started by alphabeteyes, Jul 5, 2013.

  1. alphabeteyes

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    ive had long years ever since I was like 9 but never had dreads. I used to always the curl it around my fingers and like twist my hair way tight. now in these past few months my neglecties have really been taking off. and I still do that curling thing. my dreads allllways twist together and loose hairs always hold them, well actually like lock them together. I have to literally rip and tear my hair apart and it just sounds like I am murdering my hair. its king of like ripping apart congos. normally id be cool with that. but they are dreads from like complete other sides of my head. so no way im gonna keep that. im not asking for any info or tips or anything, if I wanted to not have this problem id just forget about them. but I love em way to much to not feel them and twist em up tight then let goo and they goo crazed. all im wondering if anybody else does this to themselves? and if they have to murder they shits too to fix it. IF ANYBODY ELSES SHITS CRAE ENOUGH FOR DREADS FROM EAR TO EAR MAT TOGETHSA. thankyou for your time to read this :]
  2. 3 times 3

    3 times 3 Member

    I think the question you are asking is "do people who choose the neglect method find themselves twist and/or ripping at times"?
    Though I don't practice neglect, I feel like the answer is more yes than no. a lot of people who have done neglect have told me they have had to employ some ripping here and there to keep hair from locking up too far away from where it is growing out of their head.
    As far as "murdering my shits to fix them" goes, I would have to say I have never heard it more eloquently put.
  3. alphabeteyes

    alphabeteyes Member

    Hahaha I have a great vocabulary. I don't care I'm not writing a book! And kindaaa, its like not ripping them apart, but accidently putting them together and then having to rip apart

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