Anybody been to East Wind?

Discussion in 'Communal Living' started by TerrapinRose, May 24, 2004.

  1. TerrapinRose

    TerrapinRose Member

    My kids and I are going up in July for three weeks.I have been looking into it for a couple years,actually had scheduled a visit before but my pregnancy got in the way,then the baby,long story...anyway we are going now. I wondered if anybody here has visited there and what your impressions were.
  2. mikey

    mikey Member

    Yes, I was at East Wind a few years ago. Their website, gives a pretty accurate overview of the community. It's in a very remote, rural location. They have a strong emphasis on individual freedom, which means the community can and does attract some pretty bizarre (and rough) characters. This may or may not appeal to you. This would be a good time of year to visit and see for yourself.
  3. The_Mad_Buster

    The_Mad_Buster Hip Forums Supporter HipForums Supporter

    looks like a fucked up cult group..
  4. Duncan

    Duncan Senior Member

    I don't think I would put too much credibility into the opinion of a person who sports a swastika as his avatar.
  5. TerrapinRose

    TerrapinRose Member

    For Mikey: Rough how? I'm concerned if it's safe for my kids,mostly. I've had a pretty interesting life that has often been full of less than savory characters back before my kids were born. Would someone who harmed children be tolerated? I've not only reviewed their website for the past few years but have searched the 'net and read as many independant reviews of the place as I could find. I don't want to risk anything with my children,they are the most precious beings in my world. more info from you would be appreciated.
  6. Portland Pete

    Portland Pete Member

    After reading your post I checked out East Wind's web site and found it very intriguing. Anyone know of anything similar in the Pacific Northwest?
  7. LaughinWillow

    LaughinWillow Member

    Hi Rose - finally getting to EW, eh? I was married in April, and my husband, daughter and I were going to go for the June period, but aren't going (very long and unnecessary explanation why)...

    I have 2 friends who just came back and said it's pretty cool, but there are a few problems. One, there are a decent number (15 or so) of folks who are drunk almost every night, and there can be a party atmosphere there - one of the guys who visited that I know said that there is a beer tap in one of the main houses all the time. Second, there is an abundance of 40+ something single males, which doesn't make for the most diverse, woman-friendly, child-friendly environment apparently. Third, they are currently full, but you can get on their waiting list if you complete the visitor period. Fourth, they apparently view babies and pregnant women as financial liabilities and don't like to accept people who are going to have babies anytime soon (or would like to get pregnant) - this may not be an issue, but it kind of bothers me, because I want to be in a community where children are viewed as a blessing (I understand the desire to maintain balance, but I've heard they only have about 12 kids - including one baby, so it's not like they're overrun with babies or something). Finally, since parents are a minority, it's really difficult for parents to get these drunks or others who are very child unfriendly out of the community, because it takes a certain percentage of members to kick a provisional member out, and if the partiers like the person and think they're fine, the parents get overruled.

    So all of this combined doesn't make for the most child-friendly place on earth. But of course please remember that this is coming second-hand to me - I've never actually been there, and since they apparently have pretty high "turnover," the atmosphere might change at any time...

    The good news I've heard is that there isn't a problem with violence or people actually HARMING children - nothing like that. Just folks who aren't particularly considerate or welcoming of children and families. And I've been told that actual violence would not be tolerated by anyone.

    *P.S. - I may have something else you might be interested in - I'll send you a pm!
  8. mikey

    mikey Member

    LaughinWillows post pretty much covers what I meant by "rough", particulary in regards to alcohol use. There has always been a lot of heavy drinking at EW (and other drugs as well). It's more of a backwoods Ozark redneck type of place, rather than a sophisticated, New Age, conscousness oriented group. The comments about children will apply to East Wind as well as other communities where the costs of child raising are borne by the community as a whole rather than the children's parents. If you are prepared to financially support your own children, rather than expecting others to, there are a lot more options out there available to you.
  9. TerrapinRose

    TerrapinRose Member

    YIKES!Thanks for the info,all! Drinking is something I cannot dig at all,husband is recovered,etc. To use a Rainbow analogy I'm looking for kid's village,not Acamp! Willow I pm'd ya today,funny how everything works out isn't it,sounds like we may be in community together soon,huh? 'bout time!
  10. Gabriel

    Gabriel Member

    Wow. The community is willing bear the costs of keeping those 15 members drunk, but not the cost of a child... That's disillusioning.
  11. I would say that if it doesn't sound like your kind of scene then don't go there. That is one of the best things about living in a community. The members of a community create a life that they want to live. If your not into that I would say that your time would be better spent creating a place that you would enjoy living in instead of putting down a group of people because they don't live up to your standards.

    pragmatic idealist
  12. TerrapinRose

    TerrapinRose Member

    I wanted to say thanks for the info. I wasn't really surprised when East Wind emailed and said they were changing the family visiting policy and we would have to come for one week,leave for 2 weeks and then come back to finish our other 2 weeks of visiting. Sounds like a shake-off, doesn't it? Yup.Looks like they don't want sisters with babies up there after all. Anyway I am looking into Twin Oaks,also into the newly-forming family centered scene Laughin Willow was kind enough to turn me on to. Somewhere is right,we'll find it.
  13. raven23

    raven23 Member

    I stopped off at Eastwind last month after the Ozark gathering, got some nut butter and some roap sandals. Yes, there was beer there. One of the guys there brews it himself. Didn't see any kids. Met lots of nice people, they have a wonderful communal kitchen. They operate as an egalitarian society. Everyone gets their room and board and $175/month. No one has personal vehicles, they share community cars. They take egalitarianism pretty seriously apparently. Everyone makes that $175 month, no exceptions. I didn't see any public drunkeness, but I did sip a bit of the homebrew. There's drinking there, but not out of control. But it's there, and that's a turn-off for many. It's just that there is no doctrine or beliefs or anything, so if people want to drink, they do. There is openings, but you have to know someone there who can vouch for you. But if you have kids, keep looking is my opinion. I love my sandals though. So comfy.
  14. oldwolf

    oldwolf Waysharing-not moderating Super Moderator

    Heya Terrapin and the willow laughing,

    Now I know the value of secrercy, I will not put our location out to public till the Co-Op is legal, but I'm sure there are other readers especially moms with kids whose old men were, of old their man, and both have moved on.... who'd like to know of that family & children oriented community you two are looking into - - please share
    In my mind no community is complete without kids. Both you and willow sound like you"re looking for an already established group with peer group built in for your own young ones. Sounds like it must be a fairly large community. Also sounds a lot like what the Farm was moving toward once upon a time...
    Wherever you go our warm thoughts are with you and wishes for wholeness along your Way - to thine own Self Be True.
    Either of you get in the finger lakes area give us a shout a bit ahead to make sure we're available and stop by and see what we're working on. Just for the quiet and healing the land can bring you if naught else ... there's always plenty to be done and talking and laughing and seeing friends across a fire is always a joy. Feeling the resonance building of like minds and sharing has always been what this scene has been and is about.
  15. We are a family of three looking for a community like East Wind but has more focus on family, spirituality, and heart/soul transformation.

    Anyone know??

  16. kraisor

    kraisor Member

    I'm visiting East Wind this July. See how it goes :)
  17. TerrapinRose

    TerrapinRose Member

    Hey Oldwolf,nice to see you are still around too. The family community I was referring to is not yet a physical one,but rather a focus group trying to get one off the ground. I am hoping to visit several communities in Virginia soon,including Twin Oaks and Abundant Dawn. Abundant Dawn is located in a little town that sounds very cool,there's an alternative school there for the kids and a little live music scene too,I get a vision of The Waltons with hipper clothes.;) If $ wasn't such a damned issue in my life it'd be easier to find a place,but with the little ones needed stability we can't just run off and leave our home and jobs. It takes alot of effort,planning and maybe even luck,but I'm working in the direction we need to go,putting my energy into it and trusting that the universe will be kind.
  18. Matticus

    Matticus Member

    I am a member of eastwind. There is some drinking, and partying and such. but nothing more extreme than drinking a cold beer down at the creek. There are currently several families there and that is really neat if you are an educator type. as far as the redneck question- I didnt see any except when I went to town and the local towns are full of em. Its a wonderfull place, but if you think it may not be for you then it probably isnt. Thats my take anyhow.

  19. scrap_rat

    scrap_rat Member

    >We are a family of three looking for a community like East Wind but has more >focus on family, spirituality, and heart/soul transformation.

    Twin Oaks maybe? Check out though. Has a kewl list of IC's.

  20. Fin

    Fin Member

    I lived at EW for half a year, and if you aren't a fan of drinking it is NOT the place for you. Life for most of the non-parents revolves around Ye Olde Beere Tap.

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