anybody been to a hookah lounge

Discussion in 'Stoners Lounge' started by skitzo child, May 21, 2013.

  1. skitzo child

    skitzo child PEACEFUL LIBRA

    Has anybody been to an hookah lounge there is one in springfield
  2. I'minmyunderwear

    I'minmyunderwear voice of sexy

    sure. kind of boring, unless there's a good band playing.
  3. Driftwood Gypsy

    Driftwood Gypsy Lifetime Supporter Lifetime Supporter

    I used to hang out at Hookah Lounges; fun, novelty, but tobacco sure as hell ain't pot.
  4. LetLovinTakeHold

    LetLovinTakeHold Cuz it will if you let it

    There's several in my neighborhood. There's one I like going to when I'm with good company. Only during the day though. At night it gets filled with 18-20 year olds who can't get into any of the other bars. Not only are they annoying as fuck but the place gets so filled up with smoke you can hardly breathe.
  5. Asmodean

    Asmodean Slo motion rider

    I was in Istanbul once and I had a great time smoking waterpipe in a nice place but supposedly even in Turkey they banned inside smoking now... :p (european food service industry rules)
  6. guerillabedlam

    guerillabedlam _|=|-|=|_

    I've been to a hookah lounge and more of a hookah restaurant, really an Indian restaurant with hookahs but I digress... The lounge had board games, snacks and a relaxing atmosphere. At the restaurant, they set us up with a full meal and there was bellydancing periodically and hookah went well with the food. I enjoyed both.
  7. autophobe2e

    autophobe2e Senior Member

    There are literally hundreds where i live. there's one at the end of my road and the whole mile road between my area and my university is famous for being the central hub of the large middle eastern community of the city, there's shisha bars everywhere, they smell fucking lush.

    when i was a young teenager, having a huge hookah with multiple pipes attached to it set up in one room was must have at any house party.
  8. Asmodean

    Asmodean Slo motion rider

    Isn't smoking in pubs etc. also banned over there, autophobe (at least officially)? Does it just not count for these kind of bars? Just wondering. It's all quite silly but these policies are happening :p
  9. FlowerMama

    FlowerMama Member

    I used to haunt a hookah lounge in Edmonton a lot.
    My sis-in-law and I would go for the Eritrean food and to smoke.
    It was a place to hang and chill out, we made some friends there, low lighting, lots of pillows/low couches.

    One time my sis and I were smoking and chilling with our tea when this group of young 20 something girls come in, in their business casual attire.
    Stuck out like a sore thumb.
    Anyway, we're watching them get set up with a hookah, they chose "strawberry" and then proceeded to try and sit in their pencil skirts, more or less on the couch/floor next to us.
    The waiter is setting them up with a coal; when (god bless her) this little blond thing excitedly exclaims: "Is that the Strawberry!?!" while pointing at the red coal.

    I snorted into my tea so bad I started coughing. :D

    Now I just have my own hookah and hubs and I like to mix some pot in with the shisha and get a nice feel on, during these nice summer evenings. ..bliss.

    ~ Flowermama
  10. used to hang with some friends in hookah lounges, if you hate it, you're probably at the wrong one. They set up pretty chill environments with black lights, couches and set up hookah, so my friends and i would get really high and just chill there.

    I get sick from hookah now though, I wish I didn't
  11. autophobe2e

    autophobe2e Senior Member

    you aren't allowed to smoke indoors, but most of the shisha bars around here play pretty fast and loose with the term "outdoors" :D

    some have huge outdoor smoking sections which extend onto the pavement and the front of the building is open, theres a huge plastic tarpaulin that covers the smoking section, some just have heaters and people sit out the front, the one near me must be technically "outdoors" in that it opens onto the street even though there's a roof over your head.
  12. LetLovinTakeHold

    LetLovinTakeHold Cuz it will if you let it

    My city has banned indoor smoking but somehow the hookah bars are exempt. But don't try and light up a ciggarette in one. The place can be so smokey you can't see across the room but they'll kick you out with no hesitation for lighting a cig
  13. Hedgeclipper

    Hedgeclipper Qiluprneeels Nixw

    We have a pretty sweet one here, but the drinks are expensive. It's a nice environment though -- good for socializing and whatnot. Make sure you don't go to one of those ones with no tobacco in your shisha by mistake.
  14. Treath

    Treath Member

    I might be the only one on here that has never smoked a hookah and never been to a hookah lounge.
    They're common in my area.
  15. Asmodean

    Asmodean Slo motion rider

    How typical :D Yeah, they play with the rules as much as they can here in most bars too. Of course we don't have that much hookah bars since we have coffeeshops. Some of the smaller ones that didn't build a seperate smoking section as required have a policy of only smoking weed but no tobacco. Now what could impact a secon hand smoker more? :p

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