Anybody available in East Bay Area (oak/berkeley)

Discussion in 'Marijuana Price Watch' started by 80sbeepbop, Apr 30, 2007.

  1. 80sbeepbop

    80sbeepbop Member


    It's as dry as geriatric sex where i'm at. well, not really. but my guys' clocks don't keep the same time as mine, apparently. I'm just tired of waiting around for a $10 sack when the time wasted could've been money earned for me. If there is a 'pharmacist' available in my area, pls get at me. i'm trying to replace/get an oz. this week . If you are available, PM or email me-- If not, then pls spare me the grief that i could've easily found on a few of the other so-called weed forums out there. I'm not prepared to go to battle with any of the keyboard warriors, today. :)
  2. killswitchjd

    killswitchjd Senior Member

    THIS IS NOT A SITE FOR HOOKUPS. If you want information, this forum may be your new best friend...
  3. 80sbeepbop

    80sbeepbop Member

    'THIS IS NOT A SITE FOR HOOKUPS. If you want information, this forum may be your new best friend...'

    alright, thanx buddy. searching for 'hookups', 'information'--... all a matter of semantics. i been reading and today i saw 'cweed's' thread & similar ones and thought i'd go for it. in terms of info, someone give me a lesson on the lingo, so that i may be a bit more esoteric with my requests. funny, tho, i can search for anything i want on the net, but tryin to find someone local to deal from is like so taboo. it's funny and ironic, especially considering these are weed forums. hmmm... i firgured goin about it would be as simple as in the movie, 'half-baked'. Unfortunately, it ain't that easy out here too.
    I say: until chris hansen and nbc come up with a show called :dateline nbc: to catch a stoner', we ain't got nuthin to worry about. hehehe -thanx.

    i don't know where most of you all are from, but 28 grams wont even be enough to get you a weekend in the county jail in alameda county.

    My grandfather was an alchy-- i can't imagine what he went thru during prohibition.
  5. 80sbeepbop

    80sbeepbop Member

    'wut stoner uses the word esoteric and if u gonna by weed you should know wut to call it, fucking cops'.

    One with an education. Btw, i know what to call it, how to roll it, and to how blow it. it just seems that the minute u bring that shit up, that bullshit has to be all hush-hush; on the QT. My livelihood ain't found on no online message boards, website type shit, potna. shit, i ain't never bought or went looking for no cannabis online. I ain't really up on it yet and how to do it all. i'm used to getting dime bags @ the spot from whoever's out. Now, If i come to a message board where people are talkin about sellin (especially ounces and shit), then i'mma see what's good. You weren't smokin when you were readin my shit, were you?

    godddddddddDAmN... I know this is a weed forum and all... and everybody here smokes, but damn, who knew it would be so difficult tryin to communicate a simple request. ...maybe, i don't need that oz. if it's gon' fuck wit me like that. I'm smokin for years and i ain't nowhere near blocked mentally like that.

    fuck it. i'll stick with what i know.

    'wut stoner uses the word esoteric' HA... if i was really 'stoned' right now, i would've prolly had the giggles after reading that shit. HA

    how bout this-- u tell me where i can get some good shit from, by the oz. and i'll tell where you can buy a dictionary. HA, HA....HA....... HA.

  6. "i ain't never bought or went looking for no cannabis online"
    real great education and if you want a oz, ask for it
  7. nice name drop
  8. TheShow

    TheShow Senior Member

    can't find weed in the easy bay? has that much really changed since I was there? highly doubtful.
  9. malkav

    malkav Member

    i can kindof relate to this guy,

    recently i have moved to rural nc (roxboro if anybody is familiar with the terrain) but i have yet to beable to find a hook up on anything. im not in school and i dont have a lisence so ive been basically SOL.

    but yea, i aint gonna directly ask for a deal, but can any of you lend any advice to finding a hook up starting from scratch. thanks.

    (this might have required a new topic, sry mods if im making your board a mess)
  10. TheShow

    TheShow Senior Member

    rural nc is a hell of alot different than the east bay man.

    look for people who look like they dig it and then ask grade school math trial and error baby
  11. killswitchjd

    killswitchjd Senior Member

    sorry everyone jumped on ya, but we get alot of cops on here and you seem like one (5 posts, innocent attempt/plea for weed...)

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