Any tips on growing facial hair faster?

Discussion in 'Men's Issues' started by duckyx, May 27, 2007.

  1. so just don't shave!

    real men have beards.

    there is no way to make your beard grow better, as it is a matter of genetics
  2. MatthewShane

    MatthewShane Banned

    This topic is silly. ANy man looks better shaved pretty much! Consider yourself lucky! I can grow a full beard all of a sudden ..this last year or so ..I guess I hit something where that is concerned. I consider it a burden and hate shaving all the time so I wish I was more fortunate as you are to not have to worry about it. It all has to do with genetics pretty much and jus how our bodies operate.
  3. MatthewShane

    MatthewShane Banned


  4. jimaug87

    jimaug87 Member

    I will agree, shaving every day is a bastard. I'm only 19 and I'm sick of it. I got lucky, and had the genes to have thick hair at a young age. I had an all out gotee as a sophmore in high school.

    I was always told that facial/body hair is strictly hereditary. If your dads a beast then you will be, if your dad looks like he's 12, you always will. Sorry if that isn't the answer your looking for, because I do understand the wonders of being able to style and play with your whiskers.

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