any spots in Ocean Beach California where my husband and I can go nude?

Discussion in 'Bare It!' started by groovy41, May 17, 2004.

  1. groovy41

    groovy41 Member

    Hello there. I was wondering is there any place in Ocean Beach California where my husband and I can go naked with out getting busted, plus where people don't mind it all? We love to go to San Ofre state beach, we did get hassled by guys and they would not leave us alone, we speent a half hour getting out of there. We just would love to go nude only if it is for a while, Ocean Beach is only a half hour away, and it would be easier since the gas prices are really high. If anyone who lives there or if not feel free to post. Thank you!
  2. what about black's beach...or black sand beach i can't remember what it's called..although, i've never been there myself, just have heard good things..
  3. groovy41

    groovy41 Member

    Yes, I have been there, my husband and I were wondering if we can get naked in a safe place where we can have some privacy, sometimes there have been guys looking at us and would not leave, it turned us off by that. One time it got so bad we had to leave, but this happened at San-Ofre Beach, and yes I have been to Blacks Beach. We also went to Hawaii in Maui on Little Beach there are some awesome people. Try going there if you can afford it, the water is warm and crystal clear. The weather wonderful.
  4. sPiNtHeDiSc

    sPiNtHeDiSc Member

    Your house.

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