Any Seattle folks here?

Discussion in 'Washington (State)' started by JohnThursday, May 9, 2004.

  1. JohnThursday

    JohnThursday Member

    Just curious: How much does it really rain up there?

    I know it's probably a good bit, but is there a rainy season or part of the year, or what?
  2. SexyDreads

    SexyDreads Member

    Well actually, its doesnt rain as much as everyone thinks it does. Its really beautiful here, especially in the summer. Its rains during the fall and winter seasons mostly, as with most anywhere you visit. But its hardly overcast or England, Ive heard.

    Right now the sun is bright, the air is warm and I must go out to play!!

  3. JohnThursday

    JohnThursday Member

    Cool, thanks. I'm moving up there in January. I can't wait to get up there and ride my bike around, do some camping, the whole deal!
  4. ImmortalDissident

    ImmortalDissident Senior Member

    Yeah, it doesn't rain nearly as much as the rest of the country makes it seem. Summers are perfect, with temperatures between 70 and 95 and always a cool breeze to accompany the heat. The coldest i've seen it get here was probably around 9 degrees, but when that happens it's like 24 hour news coverage (not really, but close). My guess is that the median winter temperature is 60.

    Do you know where you are moving specifically? The difference between a hundred miles in Washington is the difference between ocean-front, on top of a mountain, and in bare planes.

    I'd reccomend every moved here, but we don't really appreciate tourists.
  5. sarahstar

    sarahstar Member

    i think what gives this place the rainy image is the lack of sunny days in the fall/winter/early spring. ive only been here for a few years, but that's what i see. so it doesn't necessarily rain all the time, but a lot of the time it really looks like it should be or is about to.

    that said, the summers *are* really beautiful. i do like it out here, i just need a little more sunshine :)
  6. JohnThursday

    JohnThursday Member

    Well, I'm moving to Bremerton; I've heard it's across the bay?(I dunno which) from Seattle, with a 20 minute or so ferry ride into the city? (am I wrong?)
  7. ImmortalDissident

    ImmortalDissident Senior Member

    I don't know... I was born here so I've probably adapted to accept the weather. Apparently most people haven't though since I think Seattle is the Suicide Capital of the US. People blame it on the number of cloudy days but I love them. Anyone can grow to love them. Because of our specific climate, the air here is always fresh and clean.

    ...don't tell anyone, but i've got a secret love affair with Seattle. (who is actually a person, but obviously I mean the city)
  8. i've always lived here:) .... yes it rains, or looks like its going to... but the summers are ~AWESOME~... sunsets like heaven..warm, crisp air, and great rivers to swim in...
  9. ImmortalDissident

    ImmortalDissident Senior Member

    Yeah, Bremerton is across the Sound. That is actually one of the least expensive cities to live in around Seattle, so it's a good choice.
  10. SexyDreads

    SexyDreads Member

    Bremerton is all right. Ive been there a few hundred times! But yeah, its cool. The ferry really doesnt take long at all. If your not at rush hour time. The the wait to get on the ferry is a bitch. A lot of people commute using the ferries. But they sure are awesome. A place Id suggest hitting up is Freemont. A really awesome place located around Seattle. Its atmosphere is wonderful. And Folklife is coming up this May, so if youre around for that, its at Seattle Center near the Key Arena and the Experience Music Project.
  11. SexyDreads

    SexyDreads Member

    Also, a couple clubs Id suggest:

    The Tractor Tavern
    The Showbox

    And there is a bar in Seattle where they do a String Cheese Night. They play old shows and videos. But I cant remember the name. My friends go, Im only 19. But they say its awesome. Sometimes they have Phish nights also.

  12. Labyrinth13

    Labyrinth13 Member

    What about the Blue Moon Tavern in Seattle? Is that a hippie hangout?

    Any other cool places to hangout with hippie folk that you would recommend?

  13. ImmortalDissident

    ImmortalDissident Senior Member

    Oh man, Folklife totally slipped my mind for some reason. I can't wait. I think it's a festival that should get national recognition, but at the same time the locals are what make it so much fun.
  14. GreenEyedLady

    GreenEyedLady Member

    Seattle! Yeppers! I love it here. Never, ever leaving. places to hang out?

    I definitely agree about The Tractor and The Showbox. Both great venues with a nice atmosphere. Totally laid back! There are some great Irish pubs around town as well. (I have a huge thing for Irish pubs!) Mulleady's is the BEST one by far. It's in the Magnolia area, and is one of the friendliest pubs you'll ever find. Connor Byrne is a good one too, you'll find that nearly across the street from The Tractor. Basically that whole street (Ballard Ave) is full of great bars. Don't forget about another amazing place to see live music, The Crocodile Cafe!

    Have fun! Look us Seattle folks up when you get here!
  15. JohnStossel

    JohnStossel Member

    I actually was about to start a Seattle thread. This is great! I'm gonna move up there in August/September and am dying to get tips/information from real residents. All the websites are useless, and all say the same crap, like "Fremont is totally funky and Capitol Hill boasts a livley diverse scene."

    So where can I get a cheap place, pretty safe, and close to some cool pubs. I'm thinking University District or Fremont. Although I've never been to college, it would be nice to have some people my age around.

    Also, any stand up/sketch comedy fans out there? I'd love to hear about the comedy scene.

    Thanks a lot.
  16. DiscoDawn

    DiscoDawn Members

    Hubby used to live there. In the Puyallup area. Yeah, thats all i know. I'd have to ask him about it.
  17. ansel1941

    ansel1941 Member

    I just moved out here myself (Issaquah). I love it out here. It does kind of suck not knowing anyone yet, but hopefully that will change soon.

  18. Edward G.

    Edward G. Edwardson

    heeey, cool, I just spent four weeks in bremerton. I wish my cousin (who I was staying with) lived in seattle but she said it's really really expensive. I'm almost kinda sad I didn't stay, weather there is really nice (although I was always freezing at first) but, maybe that's cause the A/C is broke and it's about ninety five degrees here daytime. :eek: if it weren't for her damn bratty kids, I woulda stayed to go to school out there.. er anyway, ferry rides are cool, but on this, I wanna say coast but there's like another land mass stickin' outta the mainland, er, the place inbetween the two, instead of sand there was rocks for a shore! weird, very weird. but still cool. :D *rambleblahblahramble*
  19. ImmortalDissident

    ImmortalDissident Senior Member Haha. The city is okay, there are some nice areas.

    Hey Ansel... I don't know how long you've been here, but I live in Covington, you should know where that is. Right down 18.

    And Edward... yeah the beaches here are rock, mostly in the northern part of the state. Once you get about mid-way down the beaches become sandy.
  20. Edward G.

    Edward G. Edwardson

    Puyallup.... that's such a funny name. :D

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