Any rainbows and or good work trade farms in southern Mexico?

Discussion in 'Rainbow Family' started by TheWorldHasEyes, Jan 19, 2009.

  1. hola amigos y familia
    Iv been traviling around mexico and belize for a few months now, went to the world gathering in baha, then worked on a very young rainbow farm in belize for a month, and now Im making my way back up to the states via hitchhiking. But right now Im in san cristobal in chiapas with only four strings on my guitar (my moneymaking tool) and now money at all. Iv been working at a hostal, but just for a room. I need some kind of place to work on for about a week or so, just for a place to camp and food (thats the important thing), untill I can get set up to get back on the road. Im headed up to plant trees in canada for the spring before nationals. any help would be much apriaciated, and im very much looking forward to getting back into living with the dirt and the plants and trees.
    peace and love brothahs and sistahs

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