any of you have, or actually heard personal survival stories?

Discussion in 'Random Thoughts' started by miami musician, Jan 1, 2005.

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    just last night after the new years bash, this kid that i was staying with had a sister who was over in thailand when the quake happened. he's actually on his way over to australia for the next month or so, but he's gonna make a stop over there to make sure she's doing fine. apparently she was there for vacation and she got swept in with the wave... but she made it out with only a few injuries and such...

    anyone else here actually heard from a friend, or other, any stories?
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    My uncle crashed his van and him and my cousin went flying threw the windshield and off the side of the cliff. My uncle grabbed my cousin and his arm got caught in a small little bush growing out the side of the cliff. It gave enough support so that he could call a friend to rescue them. I think that how it happened. Not exactly sure about the details such as the speed at the time of the crash and how they were rescued (probaly with a wench).
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    my sister was vacationing in thailand on one of the little islands that was affected (phi phi, i think?). anyways, there was some sort of screw up with their reservations, and they ended up having to leave on the 23rd. they had wanted to stay until the 26th. so, she was safe in bangkok when the waves hit. she's so lucky. and i guess they were royally pissed off that they couldnt stay in their pretty little bungalow on the beach for xmas day. the mix up might have saved her life. she's at home now.

    friends of theirs that stayed on the beach lost everything that they had with them, and had a horrible and very scary night waiting on a little knoll on higher ground with about 100 other people.

    they've been playing some really sad surviver's stories on the news. one girl was rescued by her boyfriend and then she found his body the next day.
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    Last Thursday we had a tragedy on a Nigthclub here in Buenos Aires, there was a concert of a band called "Callejeros" and somehow, a flare started a fire. I wasnt there only because of fate, but 2 friends were there, luckly they are safe, but they told me it was horrible, like, walking tru the whole place with the ligths out, lot of smoke and fire, stepping dead bodies.

    Anyway, they are truly survivers and im just lucky.

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