any LPNs out there?

Discussion in 'Higher Ed' started by Peace Attack, May 13, 2007.

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    I;'m interested in becoming a licened registered nurse. Any advice? Whats the training program like?
  2. Alaskan

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    I was an RN, until I burned out.
    The course I took was at a community college which I received my A.S. and was able to sit for my license.
    Be for getting into the nursing program I had a full load of prerequisites, anatomy,
    Psychology, chemistry, microbiology, just to mention a few.
    I then spent 2 more years in a state college to get my B.N.S.
    On your header you mentioned L.P.N. and then R.N.
    The L.P.N. program usually runs about 18 months and is a lot less demanding.
    In the long run RN's get a higher starting paid and dont have to work as hard.
    Hope this helps a little, best thing I could recomend is swing by a community
    college and see what you need to get up and running.
    Good Luck. "hug a nurse,prn"......Dennis
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    I am also an RN, I started my education at a community college. I graduated with an Associate Degree, and then went back to the university to obtain my BSN. I have since started my MSN to become a midwife, and also have a certificate as a legal nurse consultant.

    The community college is very demanding of your time, especially if you do not have any pre-req's done. I found the BSN program much easier and the professors much more respectful since I was already working as an RN.
  4. Duncan

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    LVN here. I work at the VA in my county. I'm putting in a year of service then planning on going for the BSN (government expense paid).
    My education was in steps; 2 years as a CNA, 1 year as an LVN. The experience with bedside care was invaluable. Got any specific questions? Fire away !

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