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Discussion in 'Cannabis Grow Rooms and Greenhouses' started by jimrfc81, May 25, 2006.

  1. jimrfc81

    jimrfc81 Member

    Hey all any info on this subject would be appreciated.

    Never done the grow thing before but keen to do it, managed to get hold of, well blagged a 250w H.P.S n 3 56w twin floro fittings n gonna give it a go (just a few plants). Anyway heres the prob can only do it in the attic of a rented flat which happens to be in a city centre n me being in the U.K im a bit uneasy when i read on this site that you get an eye in the sky in this country lookin for this shit with I.R camera's especialy when theres plenty of em flying around every day here.

    Im plannin on building 4 partitions to enclose a small grow room up there lined with plasterboard insulated with glass wool n lined on outside with 9mm ply. Im guessing this aint gonna be enough to hide it from the cameras. If anyone knows how to disguise it or let me know if what im planning is actually disguised enough i would be grateful.

    Cheers in advance
  2. buffoonman

    buffoonman Senior Member

    Don't worry the lighting you have got won't give off that much heat. Just make sure the attick is light sealed when you go in during the day it should be pitch black when your lights are off. Basically no light coming in and none going out.

    As I mentioned the police are only interested in larger grows in the UK a grow of your size would be off no interst to them. As long as you tell no one you will be safe, a lot of houses have heat escaping from there roofs especially at night and your attick should not be warmer than 72 a temperature at which any house could be. Thats even supposing they would ever be looking at your roof in the first place (why should they be?) . If you live in Glasgow or Edinborough would of thought they wouln't give a flying hoots haggis mouse in the hoose flying fig if you were growing a couple of plants.
  3. jimrfc81

    jimrfc81 Member

    HaHa Thats moose in the hoose by the way :mad:

    Another question might sound daft but anyways. My h.p.s as i says was blagged got it from a school, problem is its just the bulb n fitting no ballast, from what ive been reading the ballast is very important but i was talkin to electritions n the told me just fuck a plug on the end of it n plug it in to a socket, told me do the same with the floros, the floros i would think u can get away with doing that but is it possible to do that with h.p.s whith no ballast cos im guessing it aint possible to have a ballast within the fitting seeing ive read that ballasts are like transformers.
  4. rangerdanger

    rangerdanger Senior Member

    Anyone who told you to wire a plug onto the wires to the socket isn't an electrician.

    H.I.D. lights (which stands for High Intensity Discharge and includes metal halide and sodium systems) require a ballast (as do standard florescents).

    If you wire a plug to the socket and plug it in the bulb may explode or you may start a fire.
    Don't even THINK of doing it.

    I get the idea that by "blagged" you mean you stole the equip.
    What you got is a used bulb and a 5-dollar socket--maybe 10 dollars worth of stuff (5 English pounds total).
    Plus antics like that refelects badly on ALL pot growers.

    Call around and price a used HPS set-up, which includes bulb, ballast & socket/hood. You need 18,000 lumens per square meter. Replace the bulb with a new one.
    Return what you stole with a note of apology.
  5. jimrfc81

    jimrfc81 Member

    OK thanks for the advice its actually what i was expecting, but they were electricians but i will take your word cos u know what its for, dont know what the sparks were expectin i was usin it for, and by blagged i do mean stole but i aint a theith, they were lights from a school that was being knocked down and were being kept as spares which i could bet my next wage wouldnt have been used, i read that ballasts in floros are in the fitting (im only takin georges word for it) n the only reason i aint buying a reasonable fitting is my wife is being a **** about it cos her mother is in the house watchin the wean ( i was gonna grow in cupboard) pluss the cost, just thought id take the chance, nothin to lose with h.p.s, as i says i dont know fuck all. but cheers for the advice any more would be appreciated. (so you mean what i have is fuck all)
  6. jimrfc81

    jimrfc81 Member

    and p.s lol @ the note of apology
  7. buffoonman

    buffoonman Senior Member

  8. jimrfc81

    jimrfc81 Member

    Had a look on that site n could only see as low as 400w ballasts im guessin that wont be compatable with the 250w. Do ya think its worth my while trying to get a ballast for that fitting or is it for the bin, got a grow shop in the city might go have a look there. Another question i forgot to ask, as i says im growing in a small room in the attic, for venting i was just gonna bring the air in from the attic space because theres about an inch space runs round the perimeter between the wall and the facia, ya think that should be ok for fresh air

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