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Discussion in 'Rainbow Family' started by musiklover77, Apr 19, 2007.

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    Hello all,
    I'm looking for some great ideas for traveling from NJ to wherever and possibly by car. This experience could only last us 3 days 4 nights because of other responsiblities that I need to accomplish.
    This is very important to me for my biological sister is really having the roughest time I have ever seen anyone go through in life (It scares me). I need something that is "fun" but also "enlightening."
    I was thinking Maine for there is the end of the Appalachian Trail
    there and I was also thinking Nasville TN being that we are both musicians.
    Something in my heart tells me that our travels will be to neither of these places so I was wondering if someone could offer up some advice.
    By the way we are old. :) 29 & 34 so don't think you are posting to a 15 year old please.
    I just need to hear her laugh again and to feel the wonderful vibes of life bounce off of her, please help.
    This adventure needs to happen within the next 2 months, I'm getting married soon so I want to do this before that commencement takes place.
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    wekllllll what u really want isnt in the next 2 months (hmm or is there a regional in relatively close distance im not aware of?) but u want the allegheny pa regional around labour day..or is it memmorial day..whichevers in the fall..
    but ok u want something ..hmmm brainstorm..i might pm ya
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    Ok, Here's my idea. Take a drive to Woodtsock Ny and go to the farm. There is powerful energy and great vibes there. I'm sure that there are plenty of brothers and sisters around there to share their wisdom. Spend a little time and relax with your sis. Just a Sacrament induced idea...

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