Any guys here paint their toenails when barefooting?

Discussion in 'Barefoot' started by UniJug, Aug 28, 2007.

  1. UniJug

    UniJug Member

    I've heard of guys painting their toenails before just for fun, and have seen perfectly straight looking guys with painted toenails--even red polish, before.

    Have any guys ever painted their toenails before when either barefooting to make your feet stand out more, or when wearing sandals with jeans?

    The only polish I would consider would be black, couldn't think of any other polish that would work with a guy? If so, did you get any comments from people. I've been thinking about it.
  2. Barefoot-boy

    Barefoot-boy Member

    I've painted my toenails just to see how they would look, I was quite pleased for that matter. However it was on my feet not anyone elses. I even had a hairstylist comment on how nice my feet look, she said maybe I should paint my nails.

    Anyways, I simply just don't have the guts to go out in public with painted toenails, just not my thing I guess. I did have a neighbor who painted his toenails purple, but if you really want my opinion, I think it looks rather strange on a guy.

    Just my $ 0.02
  3. Barefooten

    Barefooten Member

    I have to agree, on a guy it looks rather too strange only because not many guys do that. I mean toe rings is all I ware on my feet but I probabaly won't paint my toe nails. rings on my toes yes but not coloring my toe nails at least until I see many other guys start doing it.

    Thats just me though everybody on here can show off their tootsies the way they feel they want to, wether your a woman or a man, it don't matter we all love being barefoot and we express our feet in different ways. I think this lifestyle is just soo new that its only in its infant stage and soon will be more and more accepted in public. Meaning the things you see most women do to their feet will gradually be accepted in men aswell in time. Heck look at toe rings. I am sure at first when they were invented I am sure they were intended for women but as time went on its starts to appear on men and now its accepted on men and women, I am sure the same will happen with coloring toenails.

    Barefoot and luven it forever!!

  4. toeringguy

    toeringguy Member

    I've painted mine metallic green a couple of times, but i feel very self-conscious about it, with toe rings it doesn't bother me because no one seems to notice, but with polish it stands out more.
  5. Lollercopters

    Lollercopters Member

    But then... You go barefoot and how many people do that? So to be fair, people would find painted toenails on a guy no more odd than they would find a person being barefoot in public in the first place. In a sense going out with painted toenails in public would just take the same courage plucking as it did for you to take your first barefoot steps in public, if you get what I mean. If you can go barefoot in public and face the dirty looks then you can go out with painted toenails. I paint mine, but then hey I'm a gal.
  6. I used to paint my toes regularly, for about 4 or 5 years back in my twenties, before I got married. Primarily blue and other "guy" colors like black, green, etc. - I never went in for fire engine red, myself. :p

    I enjoyed the attention i received as a result, naturally...a lot of women commented positively on my toes, and it was a great conversation starter. But it was definitely a case where I didn't feel the world was quite ready for that to start aa trend. Eventually I sort of grew tired of the maintenance and the expense of getting it done (I'm just not coordinated enough to do it myself - curse my inflexible legs!). But I say that if guys want to paint their toenails, I hope that someday it won't be a big deal to other people.
  7. jamie001

    jamie001 Member

    I am a guy and I have been getting professional pedicures for years and always wear red polish on my toenails. I don't have typical male feet and everyone tells me that I have feet and toes like a girl. I get a lot of compliments from women on my pedicures and choice of nail polish. It is really fun to wear red polish on your toes and is no different than having a colorful tattoo or guys wearing earrings. It is really no big deal. My wife and I go to the salon and get matching red polish on our toes. It's really fun! It is okay to be different. There is no reason that guys should worry about doing something that is typically feminine. After all, women wear every article of men's clothing including neckties, men's shoes, etc and no one criticizes them. The problem with most men is that they are too worried about what other people think! Just be yourself and wear what you want to wear. My toes are on display 24/7 either in sandals or barefoot. I also wear a toe ring on each second toe. There is no reason for males to have all of the gender prohibitions when women can wear anything including all items that men wear.

    It has been written-up in sports mags that Shaquille Oneal paints his toenails in a fuchsia color. David Beckham also paints his nails pink. Google for this stuff if you don't believe me.

    Dominick Monighan of the "Lost" TV show also admitted on the Jay Leno show that he paints his toenails.

    It is really no big deal. I professional pedicure is really a wonderful experience. The foot massage is very relaxing and your toenail polish will be perfectly applied.

    Jamie :)
    Fashion Freedom for Men!
  8. Mitchell F

    Mitchell F Member

    Okay, this is not something that I would have beleived I'd be doing a few years ago, but thanks to an opportunity that presented itself, I'm in!
    I was visitng my sister over the summer, it was a hot day, the sun was shining and we were relaxing on her new patio. I spotted her toenails gleaming in the sun. They were painted a dark shade of maroon and had little glitters reflecting the light. I commented that I really liked that color of nail polish she was wearing. She liked the compliment and genuinely thanked me, adding that since I like it so much, I really should try it on myself. Well, I had to admit that maybe the reason why I even noticed her painted toenails was because I was intrigued by how they shined and glittered, something that I found pleasure in looking at. I agreed with her that it might be fun to try it (probably the margaritas talking).
    She smiled and went in to get her supplies and soon returned with a little basket of bottles, files, lotions and stuff. She then proceeded to treat me to a full pedicure, including shaping and smoothing my toenails. When she was painting the polish on, I remember feeling this mixture of fear, anxiety, adventure and pleasure all at once. When she was done, she said "There, that actually looks pretty good, doesn't it?" Well, she had done such a nice job that even if she had not painted them with color, I would have agreed with her. But with the color on them, I had to admit, I did like the the way they looked. And as the afternoon went on, we lazed away in the warm sun admiring our toes and enjoying the cool margaritas.
    The next day, however, after coming down to breakfast, I was beginning to feel 'chicken' and asked her if she thought I should have her remove the polish because I was not comfortable with what others might think when they saw them. She assured me that it looked 'natural' on me since I had nice-looking feet and not to worry about it.
    Just my luck, her girlfriend stopped by while we were eating and my sister introduced me as 'her favorite brother'. Her girlfiend was gratious and did not notice my feet (whew, I thought). My sister then suggested that we go outside and look at her new patio. Well, in the sunlight, my toes became instantly obvious and I was very taken aback by what her girlfriend said "Oh, you have such lovely matching toes!". Wow, I was not ready for that! But, I liked that kind of comment much better than what it could have been. My sister explained that it was her treat to me and that we just had a little fun. We visited for a while and nothing more was said about the toenails until the girlfriend was ready to leave. Then she simply stated that she thought it was very cool that I was open-minded enough to let my suster give me a pedicure and wear nail polish on my toes. She said her husband's feet were awful and playfully asked my sister if she would be open to giving him a pedicure too. I have not heard how that ever turned out.
    I had to leave later that afternoon and once again, I was feeling like I needed to have the polish removed since I'd be driving for 18 hours. My sister encouraged me to 'brave it out' and see what happened, asking for a report when I arrived home. Well, I received three compliments during the trip and only a couple odd looks, but no insults or threats (which is what I was prepared for).
    I was sold. Since then I have become more accustomed to wearing my toes painted, and yes, even wearing it in public. I have experimented with many colors, but keep pretty much to browns, silvers, grays and even a maroon now and then when wearing sandals where my toes actually show.
    I have got to say, now a year and a half later, that it was a very mind-opening experience that I can look back on as very enjoyable. My sister an I still kid about it, and she still takes credit for 'converting' me. Hey, what are sisters for if not to take you out of your comfort zone and have a little fun now and then?
    (thanks sis!).
  9. freeinalaska

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    I paint my toes quite often, usually black. It's great fun to saunter up to the urinal in a pub and watch the guy peeing next to me notice my painted toes. That moment is usually followed by him repositioning himself enough to ensure his penis is hidden from view. Brings out the homophobe in a lot of guys. And besides it looks good.
  10. jagerhans

    jagerhans Prostetnic Vogon Jeltz

    those guys also have some reasons.
  11. jamie001

    jamie001 Member

    Isn't it interesting that in the "male world" anything that is different or a male that emulates anything that a female does is automatically assumed to be homosexual.

    It is interesting to note that 80 percent of men that crossdress or wear items of women's clothing are heterosexual, and 70 percent of them are married.

    Society needs to drop the old worn-out stereotypes. Remember 10 years ago, men with two earrings were assumed to be homosexual? Quite Lame. Seems that some people never learn. :)

  12. I paint my toe nails and fingernails quite often, and have used many a different colors for them. Many times after wearing a certain color, I was not looked at as weird or anything, but actually had many more comments from women on where I had gotten the color, and some have even inquired as to why, but I never felt judged by them.
  13. JakeR01z

    JakeR01z Guest

    I realize the original post is a bit old (2007), but I wanted to assure you that yes, many more guys are wearing their toenails painted these days, for a lot of reasons. Some may have been coerced into it by their GF or wife, some responded to a dare, some were just caught napping at the 'wrong' time and others just may have wanted to see how it feels. But whatever the reason, guys are trying nail polish because they like the way it looks. Now that there are many more masculine colors available it's a lot easier for nail polish to actually look good on guys. Heck, there are even five companies now that market "nail polish for men" (Google it!), endorsing the fact that more men are buying and wearing nail polish.

    Personally, I was introduced to it by my GF who is a nail tech. She wanted to test some colors before doing her own nails and I was the 'tester'. Funny thing is, she was so careful and did such a nice job that I didn't want to make her take it off, and I began to even like it enough to have her 'do' them again. It makes my feet look awesome and I actually get compliments! Besides, it's cool too.
  14. Orison

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    oops,,,, I knew I forgot something..
  15. Aerianne

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  16. A girl did it to me once a long time ago, but after seeing this post I think I'm going to do it tonight. Probably go black.
  17. quodlibet

    quodlibet Member

    Although it would be wrong to dismiss every guy who objects to men painting their nails as misguided homophobes. Some will just find the narcissism of the practice a bit enervating, and the business of having to deal with someone's drive to be edgy and different a bit attention-drawing and tiresome.
  18. Shakti_Om

    Shakti_Om Local Pixie HipForums Supporter

    I'm not a great lover of it on me, girls, guys or whoever.
    I like plain simplicity. I don't do make-up, nail polish or any of that stuff.

    Besides a guy with nail polish would potentially spend more time looking in the mirror than me :)

  19. hillman30

    hillman30 Member

    clear when i get a pedi. looks sorta nice. is that why the mirror is so fascinating?
  20. cattard

    cattard Member

    Me too, I get a french with a little white tip...but I haven't been in a few years

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