Any daily smokers?

Discussion in 'Marijuana' started by Freedom_Man, Feb 4, 2009.

  1. Freedom_Man

    Freedom_Man Senior Member

    I dont mean once a day or at night to settle down, i mean who here just likes to pretty much have sack for the week and stay high on it til you get some more. all day everyday kinda smokers.

    i just dont feel happy about shit i do. like i used to be able to play sports with my friends form the neighborhood and just be happy doing that. or i could just jam on my guitar and get wrapped up in it. or chill at the park and becontent with what im doing. but nwo i just cant chill man, like my thoughts just go go go go go. then when i do get wrapped up in activity for a little bit, there comes the thoughts again. and i cant enjoy what im doing, cant be content with just life.

    but when i smoke the herb, i im just in the moment, happy appreciating the beauty of the osunds outta my guitar, or just walking down the street looking at the sky or in the woods at nature. i can just sit back and enjoy shit and feel happy not in some rush or no racing thoughts.

    weed kinda acts like a anxiety medicine and anti deppresant for me. when i smoke its all good.

    i dont blame this on herb, ive felt like this before i even knew anything about it, it just came along and makes stuff better.

    so who else just pretty much stays high 24/7. to make life just easier and more happy to be in?
  2. check.

    check. Senior Member

    i would never be able to do that. i know people who smoke before school, after school, before dinner, and before bed. every day. it just seems like such a waste of money and you lose your grasp on reality. i dont like to smoke more than a few times a week, and even then... when i smoke a lot i like to take a break for a while.
  3. Wiseman

    Wiseman Senior Member

    Yeah, like check said, it seems like it'd be kinda weird just being permanently high. I don't know, it seems like you'd miss a lot of stuff because you were too stoned to even know what was going on. But maybe that's just me.
  4. krewskater

    krewskater Member

    You should try some good mindfulness meditation to really get into the present. The way I see it, a cannabis high is basically the ultimate form of being in the present with some added psychoactive effects. But you really are just completely in the present moment when you're high. Same thing with mindfulness. Try just practicing a technique that's like a basic form of mindfulness called presence. Basically you just focus on anything pertaining to your 5 senses at the present moment. Your thoughts about next time you're going to smoke or why you shouldn't have done something will slowly fade and you'll just be completely content and wrapped up in the moment. With "practice" it gets much easier and quicker. It's a very rewarding experience. Another method of mindfulness I've heard of is just processing everything that happens in slow motion and really paying attention to every little detail. As for me, I definitely have my days where I "binge" as I say. I'll smoke once and then I just wanna stay high until I go to sleep. I'll just keep smoking and smoking. It's not very healthy and I've noticeably cut down on the amount I smoke lately. I'm probably around 4-5 times a week now, maybe a little more.
  5. Freedom_Man

    Freedom_Man Senior Member

    my problem is honestly man, i probably cant sit down long enough and concentrate on the techniqures long enough to do that. ive tried meditation before, and very rarely would it "work", id feel chilled out and happy and my thoughts arent racing as bad but still i can never meditate long enough to get those effects again.
  6. krewskater

    krewskater Member

    I know that feeling, you just gotta realize it's all part of the process. If you're fairly relaxed and you try a good amount you'll usually "break through" by the 20 minute mark and from there you find you wouldn't mind meditating all day.
  7. Treath

    Treath Member

    Nope. I only smoke every other 3-5 months.
    I did smoke everyday a year ago when I had a job.
    Jobs are so hard to get nowadays.
  8. digitalldj

    digitalldj Canucks ftw!

    used to, then i realized how useless i was being, now its more like 2-3 times a week, and trying to cut that down as well
  9. I do right now. I have been off school for 2 months (starts monday thank god) and I can't find a job, so weed is the only thing keeping me sane right now.
  10. Freedom_Man

    Freedom_Man Senior Member

    i know man. if i had a job, a chunk of my paycheck would be going to a stash. ive been looking, gonna look more this week. itsj ust a bitch to find somewhere that is hiring.

    "I know that feeling, you just gotta realize it's all part of the process. If you're fairly relaxed and you try a good amount you'll usually "break through" by the 20 minute mark and from there you find you wouldn't mind meditating all day. "

    yeah man, ill definantely give it another shot tonight, i mean it does chill me out, like i say though i just gotta find the patience and such to stick to it.
  11. Severely stoned

    Severely stoned Senior Member

    Smoking a gram or more every day for a few months definatly will get to you after a while, ive had to cut back, for finical and phsycological reasons
  12. neim

    neim Member

    good thread.

    a couple of month ago i was smoking at 9am, 1pm, 7pm and 12pm every day. it just got to a point where my tolerance was so high that it was like wasting money.
    so im cutting down to about half a joint a day and i'm getting more high than ever.

    smoke up man, make your own dossage and be cool
  13. CGhost

    CGhost Member

    although i am a daily smoker i dont smoke all day everyday.

    on weekdays i smoke maybe once or twice a day (this is mostly because of the fact that i live with my parents) but on weekends i like to get high all day

    i dont recommend being high 24/7 though :p
  14. TheMadcapSyd

    TheMadcapSyd Titanic's captain, yo!

    The only thing daily smoking ever did to me that I could notice was my memory really was done, but I still did everything as I always did, unless I'm mad stoned being stoned just gives me more incentive to the things I'd normally, albeit at a slower pace maybe
  15. I would love to be stoned all day, everyday. Unfortunately it's just not practical; I live at home and have a job that is quite strict. My manager has already accused me of being a drug addict and offered me counseling paid for by the company (very funny story haha).

    I usually smoke once a day, sometimes more.
  16. Startreken

    Startreken Marijuana Chef!

    I smoke almost everyday. However, I am more the evening smoker. I will say that it does give me something to look forward to everyday. I call it pulling the stick out of my ass. I work in a very stressful environment and I have to be able to think on my feet on a regular basis so this is something I can not do stoned. When I drive to work by myself, because normally I car pool with my fiance, I like to smoke up on the way home. I used to do that all the time before we moved in together. I find it's the best way to keep me able to do what I do. I would suggest you do that.
  17. jaren420

    jaren420 Member

    ya i used to do that all the time. get a 1/8th or so and just stay high all day. its really easy when u dont have to pay for it most of the time. but lately ive just been getting high around supper and shit. i kinda miss being high all the time but w/e. and ive noticed i have been drinking alot more
  18. Capncrunk

    Capncrunk Member

    All day everyday! Probably till i go to college in the fall then i really gotta chill on it even though I can easily pull great grades on weed in high school I just don't know about college yet...
  19. GoodVibes1

    GoodVibes1 Member

    i used to get high all day in high school and it got too expensive. now i usually get high every day but only at night.
  20. I would say that I inhale the cannabis everyday, but it depends on the day on when I inhale it. If its a weekend and I dont have that many responsibilities, I inhale all day. If its a school day, I wait till school is done before I smoke. And when I'm home, I dont smoke as much.

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