Any chance that shrooms will become legal again in the Netherlands?

Discussion in 'Amsterdam' started by Silverbackman, Feb 12, 2009.

  1. Silverbackman

    Silverbackman Member

    Is there any chance that their will be a reverse on the shroom ban in the Netherlands? The reasons for it being banned are so illogical and retarded and you would think that someone could convey that to the banning govt officials. Not that these authorities ever pay attention to logic but yeah.

    Perhaps there will be a chance of a shroom ban reversal once the Christian Democratic Appeal (CDA) has been booted out of power. I don't know what came over the Dutch people's minds when they voted these fascists in....did they want less freedom or what? I mean if a reverse on the shroom ban isn't possible how much longer till pot toleration ends at this rate?

    Does anyone know the stance on shroom legality with other parties? I doubt it's popular especially with the more leftist parties.
  2. OneBrainCell

    OneBrainCell Member

    the Christian Democratic gouverment got fed up of ppl like you doin to theyre country and making fouls of themselfs! it about saving the dutch image. lets say morow the state would legalize shroom and you got tourist making fouls of themselfs jumping in front of car jumping from briges into cannals start breaking windows cuase they are high! what do you think would happend to the law?they think a second time about it! last 5 year more then 100 tourist went COOCOU of shroom and BBC made a BIG thing about it on the news saying BAD stuff about the dutch and the LAWS they got and american new started doing the same witch aint good for Dutch image when you got 2 top country sayin BS about them!and the BAN is not in FULL FX you can still find shrooms in holland and some ppl from the gouverment are trying to exempt amsterdam from the banned!! witch i think is stupid!
  3. Silverbackman

    Silverbackman Member

    Making "fouls" (you mean fools) of themselves? What about the hundreds of thousands who make a fool of themselves when they come to Holland while drunk and what about the much more deaths due to alcohol intoxication in one month than ever with shrooms? Your logic is pretty retarded. And btw, the reason they banned shrooms because of ONE case of a french girl who jumped off the balcony who was also really drunk! So why don't they ban alcohol too eh? Little to no people die every year from shrooms but millions of deaths can be attributed to alcohol.

    I don't like Obama all that much either, but your over the top sig says it all. Just another blind neo-conservative promoting blind submission to leaders eh (and with the same bad spelling as Bush)? Yeah you said "witch" at the end which also says it all....this is about criminalizing and punishing the "witches" eh? Ahaha! Cause that's what jesus would do eh, lol?

    And as if shroom prohibition is going to "prevent 100 people from going coocoo"....since yeah it can easily be gotten illegally. The christian democratic party is fascist and nothing else. They are destroying what's left of Holland's reputation as a beacon of freedom.
  4. OneBrainCell

    OneBrainCell Member

    Dude! not need to talk about my spelling like that!cause i dont think you would like it if was me LOL @ you! english aint my language!
    the french girl you talking about she wasnt the first nor the last one they was more after her!yes i know that alchool kills more ppl and make ppl go crazy. BUT the Gouverment we live it make zilions of $$$ off killing ppl wit smoke and alchool each year!see Shroom are a DRUG just like POT is witch the Gouverment dont make $$$ off on each year!i bet you dont even know that SHROOMS arent ILLEGAL in canada nor in most states!??;)if no dried up!« that an other thing!
    like i says the law is mostly cause of what BBC and french went to put up on the news basicly says that the Netherland Drug policy is against the laws created during proabition and that its the DEVILS home on earth!wait it just the first thing WEED and hash are goin to be NEXT on the dutch gouverment agenda.i was reading about them wanting to turn the coffeshop into MEDICAL WEED and will need ID just like in america NO WEED ID =no weed! plus you realy think the dutch care? NO its all about the tourist bringing money to holland and making the country look bad.see im dutch :) living in canada and when i go to amsterdam its like being in england you got more freaken britts and american thinking they own the place and it gross what they do to the city! they all a bunch of pigs whom dont know how to live and walk around like its their city! getiing this EH? or is it hey or hay or maybe eyh? trying to be funny? if i lived in a igloo id be in alaska eh? aint that states eh? so if ppl there live in igloos those that mean you live in one EH?

    and DUDE Shroom can still be found in amsterdam you just need to open your eyes and ask ppl in magic shops and friend was telling me you got a chance at the 2 markets in amsterdam (fleure market and alber .. markets )

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