Any advice for me? I'm thinking about getting my first tattoo.

Discussion in 'Body Modification' started by spirit of the night, Feb 18, 2009.

  1. spirit of the night

    spirit of the night Senior Member

    Ok so what I would like is a Triskele (It's a celtic symbol, meaningful to me) done in black on my lower back.

    Any do's and don'ts I should know about? Any tips?

    Thanks :D

  2. Hippified_RCer

    Hippified_RCer P.L.U.R.

    research the artist u want to do it. look around for an artist that u click with really well. we u have someone u click with it kinda makes the tat jus that much better. and of course u want the person doing ur tat to be someone u like.
  3. Hippified_RCer

    Hippified_RCer P.L.U.R.

    i jus looked up that symbol and its very nice i used to have a celtic cross that had that etched all in it. are u gonna do anything special to it?
  4. spirit of the night

    spirit of the night Senior Member

    ah thank you, it has multiple symbolism for me.

    what exactly do you mean by doing something special to it? sorry, i am a real novice at this :) I was just thinking of getting that symbol copied from my pendant of the same symbol, having it done on my lower back. quite small.

    Thanks for the advice :)

  5. Hippified_RCer

    Hippified_RCer P.L.U.R.

    yea i meant like anything fancy added to the design. not saying that has to be done jus wonderin is all. i like simplistic tats. straight to the point. but yea find a person u really like and all will be good. make sure ur not drunk high etc...wen u go in. um theres not much really for a tat like that. you'll be fine.
  6. spirit of the night

    spirit of the night Senior Member

    ah ok, well maybe I will add some design later, who knows, but I am into simpler things. I have 2 like, dents on my lower back (most people have them, but i know some dont) and i would like it to be at the top so it forms a triangle.

    ill make sure im sober :p thanks for all your help :).

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