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Discussion in 'Women's Issues' started by Peace_is_Free, Jan 23, 2005.

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    Okay, this may sound weird i dunno, but i know everyone's stomach makes noises and stuff but like mine does it all the time, no im not hungry, i dont know whats wrong with me. anyway, it makes me so paranoid in school, its like i cant concentrate i cant do anything but just think about what other people are thinking about me. people tell me they cant here my stomach only i can, very rarly does someone hear my stomach sounds but still im burdened by this. i dont go outside often, i dont hang with the few friends i have, im just so worried about someone hearing my stomach, man its so awful, i dont have any controll over my life. any advice, i really could use some. Thankyou for taking ur time to read what i had to say.
    Peace and love,
  2. Hi there, I want to tell you that more than likely you have an ulcer. Or you could also have IBS a very serious disease of women. More than likely since you sound like a minor, you should tell a parent and have them take you to see a physician. Also, people are really telling you the truth. Poeple of the world we live in today don't really take the time to notice a whole lot. You are just being paranoid, and kind of overreacting to this. More than likely it is a medical condition that you can't help. By not going outside and seeing your friends, you are onoly hurting yourself. You should stop worrying so much ;p
  3. Peace_is_Free

    Peace_is_Free Member

    Thankyou violet, stay beautiful....

    Peace and Love,
  4. No problem at all, just happy to help. Hope you're feeling better.
  5. Sera Michele

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    Could be IBS. I have IBS and my stomach is more talkative than I am.

    I would do some online research for symptoms of IBS and Ulcers (like mentioned above) to see if you have more than just the one symptom. Also, it wont hurt to visit a doctor and ask some questions too. I went way too before going to the doctor and finding out I have IBS, and could have avoided a lot of sickness over the years had I went.

    Great Sublime song in your sig there!
  6. twiztidrainbow

    twiztidrainbow Senior Member

    It sucks going through anxiety

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