anxiety and panic attacks

Discussion in 'Health' started by stranger, Jan 22, 2005.

  1. stranger

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    im wondering if anyone else has faced similar problems and how they overcame them??

    i am really not keen to to takin meds, or becoming an emotionless zombie or having my mind state controlled by some foreign substance completley, or just the idea of waking up taking a pill every morning to feel better bothers me. unless someone can truely convince me there is a med that can do some good in my life, id rather take another route... though i hear saint johns wort is good for this kind of stuff, and is natural, anyone have any experience with this???

    i am open to most anything else, and like most people like easy simple things...
    maybe there is some yoga excercises that could help? perhaps a fast is in order? meditation maybe? excercise? what kind of excercise? changed diet? breathing excercises or techniques? any technique or method or anything i am willing to hear you out.. if you suggest anything, try to make it detailed, convincing but knowledgeable, and positive, even though the situation is not so positive at this point...
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  3. Soulless||Chaos

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    Can't say I have any personal experience with it, but yoga and meditation could probably be rather helpful. :D
  4. weep

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    what about therapy?
  5. sugar_mag321

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    zoloft has helped me and i can say im not an emotionless zombie....its great for helping panic disorder
  6. jesikhaviolet

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    my sister gets panic attacks. she copes with them by being with her boyfriend. enough said already...
  7. I have suffered with these. Therapy can be good. But it is not for everyone. It can help find the underlying root cause of your panic attacks and anxiety. I have never had any meds for panic attacks and anxiety. I have mostly delt with it by learning to relax and brush off mistakes and use them as lessons. I am a bit of a perfectionist. Which probably contributed to my downfall. Also being rather smart I get the niggling that goes with it. The constant fear of faliure. If I do fail something I feel useless and do dwell on it more than I should. It is my gremlin and it does me a lot of favors to work on it. This may not be the case with you. I can say with some certainty that you have issues which are causing you to be like this. The trick is to find out what those issues are and do something positive with it. Most anxiety issues can be delt with by changing what is causing your anxiety. It could be something physical. If you have body issues then ditch the beauty and fasion mags and try to be positive about your apperance. Be creative and express yourself. If you are a bit overweight then eat a healty balanced diet (not one of these special diets) and get more exersise. Walk instead of using the car. It would do you more good in the long term. Or your Anxiety could be something from within. Be positive! It is easy to dwell on the negative. I know! You may have to alter the way you approach things. Here I am talking about changing the way you think. Think of the good things but don't get nostalgic. By that I mean don't think about what was good in the past but think what is good in the future. Look forward to stuff. Dwelling on the past will only lead to negativity and back to square one.
    Best of luck
  8. hey, i definitely hear you!

    ive been suffering from anxiety/panic/ptsd for awhile now, and i know how horrible it is.

    some things i find helpful are journaling, reading books about it, write down your fears and then counteract them with a positive statement.

    reflect! listen to music, relax.

    i dont know if theres a natural medicine thats really effective. if u can function and do normal activities without meds, dont do them! however if u find yourself unable to cope and feel terrible everyday and can bearly function, its time to see a doctor. dont be ashamed, i hate taking meds to but i have to because i couldnt do anything but cry for weeks before i did. some people, no matter who you are, need medication. it probably wont be life long or anything. its just a bridge.

    my advice is to see a therapist to try to find the deep rooted problems behind ur anxiety, adn a really good place to ask questions/talk about ur issues is its a webmd forum for people with anxiety and's awesome, and people post all the time.

    good luck, and PLEASE pm me if u need anything...i totally know what ur going through adn i know how much it can interfere into your life

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    i've been through similar stuff myself. and went to the doctor, and got some medications... well, medications do help - but i had really bad side-effects, that produced me other problems... so, it's tricky. i guess it depends on the strenght of your attacks - but that is something you and your doctor have to discuss and decide..

    on the other hand, there are natural things that help..
    i took st.johns w. and it helped some..
    but, what i found to be the best (besides therapy!!:) ) - go and see a homeopathy doctor, or go in some good natural health drugstore. there are many flower remedies that help - like i've been using "rescue remedy" (by bach) and it helps!

    also - try breathing!! also, it really helps! have you been to some breathing seminar or something? i went to and it was cool!
    it's hard to do it while in attack, but if u practice, or if you learn how to see it comming, and start brething deeply (or at least start paying attention to your breathing, if in public) - it helps immediately!!

    i hope some of this might help...
    tell us of your progress :)
    good luck!

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