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  1. Anybody here go there, or know someone who goes there?
    I want the info the website doesn't tell you.
  2. novarys

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    isnt that in ohio?
  3. novarys

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  4. heyyy kidswillbeskinny!
    i was talking to a friend of the family about how the school i'm at now isn't stimulating anythign inside of me, and i truly am not finding too many people like those i'm truly wanting to meet in life... she suggested antioch, i believe her words were "the school was created for souls like you". i've looked into it, and it seems amazing amazing amazing. but goodness, the out of state fees are going to KILLLLLLLL me. i'm still very much considering it. their website is . if all you've heard from it is word of mouth, man, you're heart's goign to be jumpign out of your chest while you're browsing through this page =P. i'll definitely get in touch with you if there are any future plans for me on attending. it'd be beautiful having an amigo just lined up and waiting to be befriended =). regardless. much luck, love, and light. peace =)
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    I am going to apply there. If I make it, loans loans loans loans loans loans... :p
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    I am applying to Antioch, it seems like the perfect school for me and it's only 4 hours away from where I live......One thing I am unsure of is how easy it is to get in-they sort of specify what their looking for, but I wonder how many people apply compared to how many they actually accept, you know? I plan on writing some really good essays and hopefully I'll be accepted...........Peace, Stacey
  7. Ahhh!!!!! so there are a lot of you guyeseseses out there?!?!? nooooooooooooooooooooooo
    you are diminishing my chances of acceptance! I live in Ohio, damn it! IT is MY school you can't have it!!! Haha, Nah jus playin'. Everyone apply and I wish you all the best of luck!
  8. my car broke down in antioch tennessee and i had to catch a plane from nashville to jacksonville and i met johnny van zant and billy powell of lynyrd skynyrd in altlanta airport. they were on the same plane as me back to jax
  9. everything happens for a reason eh?
  10. Okay, my brother is in his second year there. If you can make SOMETHING give them the indication that it MIGHT be right for you, they will try to find out more and likely let you in. My brother had a really bad GPA and all kinds of shit against him, but they contacted him and all and now he loves it. Oh, and dont worry about tuition too much.They bend over backwards to help you be able to attend if you want to and are really good about giving you time to pay if you need it. Its definitely very cool and liberal and there are SO many veggie options around and a kickass headshop, if your into that stuff.
  11. i wanted to go there. but i am going to Ohio University.

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