Anti-War Day of Disobedience 15th Feb

Discussion in 'UK Parties and Protests' started by Peace-Phoenix, Jan 28, 2005.

  1. Peace-Phoenix

    Peace-Phoenix Senior Member

    Day of Disobedience

    Tuesday 15th February 2005

    4pm, Parliament Square

    Mass Die-In at Parliament Square

    Stop the Killing - Bring the Troops Home

    Organised by the Stop the War Coalition

    Supported By CND, MAB & National Union of Students
  2. matthew

    matthew Almost sexy

    Sorry for the rude question:

    Do you appose all wars or just this current one ?.

    I have read your posts and they seem to be argueing against certain issues and ilegalities of this war.. but you would say that , right?. finding a just and rightful war is slighlty ermm never going to happen i would think ?.

    Fighting for other means than wars is admirable and i erm admire that.. but its always puzzled me when people are against wars and also argue about them as well.. 'fuck bush' 'no war for oil' etc etc etc

    Seems a bit of a waste of energy ?

    Sorry if i am assuming anything.. this puzzle has played on my mind for ages, never realy got a straight answer .
  3. Peace-Phoenix

    Peace-Phoenix Senior Member

    I don't think there's ever such thing as a just or right war. But I do recognise that sometimes war can be the least bad option available. I don't oppose every war that has ever been, but lately I don't think Bush/Blair have been giving me too many reasons to question my pacifistic principles....
  4. Merlin

    Merlin Member

    Ah, February the 15th...I have rather fond memories of that date, well, 2 years ago to that date actually. Had a terrific peace march in Liondon then, and met a few Hipforumer people for the first time. Most exquisite. Don't think I'll be going to this one though due to severe lack of funds. Could do with the ability to drive, really.
  5. Peace-Phoenix

    Peace-Phoenix Senior Member

    I don't think anyone who was there will ever forget that day. I'm pretty sure it will remain in the history books, as the largest demonstration ever in Britain, against a hugely unpopular war. I'm proud to have made history with everyone here (the hipforumers were also on TV too, if anyone remembers - there was a shot of us walking along) :)
  6. fluffyhelen

    fluffyhelen Member

    I was reading the Stop the War website earlier, London is a bit too far to travel to from Lampeter but there are going to be "speakers" about the war travelling around the country.

    The nearest speaker to Lampeter is going to be in Cardiff, hoping to put together some people to go down in the minibus.. but exams and essays might prevail over this organisation happening.

    Is anybody else going to the speakers, they are all across the UK and can be found on the events page of the Stop the War coalition.
  7. matthew

    matthew Almost sexy

    least bad option ? mmm so wars in history that solved problems are ok ?

    You can't be a hypocrite and 'allow' certain wars and appose others..

    Mass Die-In at Parliament Square

    Stop the Killing - Bring the Troops Home

    Organised by the Stop the War Coalition

    Supported By CND, MAB & National Union of Students

    If these can find say the second world war a good thing and this current war a bad thing..its truly a hypocritical stand imho... ?

    Please .. you can say you don't share theses principles..

    but your answer is giving you free licence to debate and go on all these 'anti war marches'.. but surely your being a bit wishy washy with your principles. Sorry if i am being rude.. i don't wish to be but surely you can see my point ?.

  8. showmet

    showmet olen tomppeli

    Sal didn't say he opposed all wars in every circumstance (ie absolute pacifism). There's no hypocrisy in agreeing with one use of military action in certain circumstances and disagreeing with another use of it in others. As for arguing on the specifics of any conflict of course it is necessary to demonstrate flaws in the logic of those who support say the Iraq war.
  9. Peace-Phoenix

    Peace-Phoenix Senior Member

    I'd say that showed rational thinking, rather than hypocrisy....
  10. Peace-Phoenix

    Peace-Phoenix Senior Member

    Either way Matthew, if you want to take this up in a thread on the main forum, please do so, but posting here is off topic. Parties and Protests is a place for announcing, discussing and planning events, not arguing against the ideas behind them....
  11. matthew

    matthew Almost sexy

    yeah i realise that , i did not mean to go off on one.. your intial response just seemed faintly strange..

    I will think how i can make a new thread with out it being too ranting and raving on my part.. but yeah still not got my head around the way your logic works ?.
  12. _chris_

    _chris_ Marxist

    sorry, parliment square in london i assume?
  13. matthew

    matthew Almost sexy

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