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Discussion in 'Relationships' started by meduza, Aug 17, 2005.

  1. meduza

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    ok ok
    let me break it down to you...................
    3 yrs ago so when i was about 17 1/2 i really liked this one guy i would look into his eyes he had the most gorgeous eyes i have ever seen.......His name is peaches very tall, long hair, gorgeous eyes mmmmm, i just wannan do him!:) We hung out, i was in college and he let me stay at his apartment and we cuddled..... Then he had a g.f and i was jealous....... So we didnt see each other for a long while like a yr........ Then when i saw him he left to go downstate i was still in college, his brother worked at the skewl gym so i would always tell his bro that i said hi to peaches...... Then peaches came back and when i saw him i gave him a big hug..... (works at this hipped out cafe shin dig) then i had to leave to go to north carolina to live that night before i had to leave for the morning we hung out at a friends house and we were cuddling almost got more intimate but didnt, then that morning i left him in the bed!!! Then when i came back he had a g.f., but i have recently been writing him poetry on how i feel about him, and yesterday i heard he broke up with his girlfriend, how bizzarre is that???? I havent talked to him in so long but seems like i have all my life...... Do you think its meant to be or what??? Seems a lil odd that he broke up with her, when i have been writing to him!!!!
    I hope its meant to be i have liked him so much for so long..... What do you peeps think i should do??????
    perplexed star
  2. ZenMunchy

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    well first of all you need to evaluate the things you like about him. The more unmaterialistic the better, altho you need materialisticthings too. Then you should recall the things that he has shown you that makes you think that he is interested in you, like things hes said to you and the way he looks at you. If a lot of things come to mind then i think you 2 will be together. But love is a missterious thing. literaly anything can happen. just keep high hopes. well good luck i hope you get what you wish~

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