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Discussion in 'Dreadlocks' started by WalkingMop, May 13, 2013.

  1. WalkingMop

    WalkingMop Member

    About a month ago, I combed out my (over a year old) dreads. Two weeks later, I restarted the darlings due to my dreadless misery. I now have 30 of the little devils.
  2. Bubbletonic

    Bubbletonic Member

    Woah your undreaded hair is amazing :O But I think you look great with dreads :)
  3. Dragonvine

    Dragonvine I do Glass


    Love the curly hair, is that natural?! amaaaazing! Glad you're back on the dready wagon
  4. WalkingMop

    WalkingMop Member

    Thanks bubbletonic :3
    Being the suborn mule I am, I brushed to prove it could be done and yes, the blond afro is in fact natural lol.
  5. SadieScarlett

    SadieScarlett Member

    1) why would you brush?!?!
    2) goddamn your lose hair is beautiful
  6. WalkingMop

    WalkingMop Member

    I don't even know D; I miss my old set so much that I want to cry
  7. Thekarthika

    Thekarthika Member

    Now they're no longer done by me :(
  8. WalkingMop

    WalkingMop Member

    I know :'( It makes me sad
  9. WalkingMop

    WalkingMop Member

    I know it is a bit late, but here is a picture from one week. I'll try to put a current picture up later
  10. Thekarthika

    Thekarthika Member

    That back dread will win the race, hehe :)
  11. WalkingMop

    WalkingMop Member

    Unlike last time, I have not been keeping a precise record buuuuut this is from about the 1.5 month mark.

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