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Discussion in 'U.K.' started by ArtLoveMusic, May 30, 2004.

  1. ArtLoveMusic

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    star struck by the skies.
    Deepest blue i fall, accending into them, windows to the mind. The skies light my way bluer than an english summer dayi'll dance for eternity untill tomorrow.
    Clouds may come across and tomorrow life may feel grey but i will live to see another day for knowlege that id flown through the bluest skies and walked along the widest mind.

    And i sit... and i watch the rain fall down falling softly like a thousand water fairies and i feel contented as i know tomorrow is another day and tomorrow i will see a new sun rise.
    Comforted i ride this wave my board as steady as a spinning top. Any moment i could crsh into the waves beneith and sink to an abbys... bliss... a new kind.

    The entirity of life is created from a series of moments and like bubbles every beauitiful moment will allways end, leaving space for a new moment to fill its place. as individual and totally un repeatable as the last yet just as beatiful in its own right. I live for these moments... i live in these moments.

    If i had to exist id exist n those skies... but rather than just exist id like to live along side,beneith, and above those skies for as long as feels comfortable for the moment in which i am flying.

    wow ok.. sorry :S
    tehe sal if this is cluttering space.. you have my permition to delete it just let me know first so i can save it :)
    llama love
    Fleassy xox
  2. DoktorAtomik

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    I'm impressed. I could never manage that at the same time as typing ;)
  3. xZx

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    *smiles* heehee u made me smile:)
  4. ArtLoveMusic

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    *smils* nice to see the Doc's back to his old dry sarcastic self :p iv missed ya :p

    oh and if anyone wonders im back in full swing in uk room... screw feeling down about life theres way too much to live for! and yea so what my computer died! and so what i managed to ipe off one ot the signatures from my signed incubus electric guitar :S and so what if i have no job and am living out of other peoples pockets!!ID ONT CARE!! *looks liberated* *ahem*
    (please no one laugh at the stupid fleassy misstake mentioned above)
  5. kier

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    well i'm glad your back :) and it may of been a ramble, but that was very cool :D

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