(another) moving to Oregon, looking for friends and sustenance!

Discussion in 'Oregon' started by elatedforever, Jan 23, 2009.

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    Hello there!

    After doing the college thing for a few years, I've burnt myself out and have taken this semester off (possibly not returning). I just did a tour of SoCal and found that it's not the place for me, but I think Oregon is. So I plan to drive up to Eugene in the next week (maybe even days) to see if it's my paradise.

    I'm into anarcho-primitivism, but mostly I'm looking for a solid group of friends (who maybe want to travel [the world] on a nil budget).

    More about me here (my blog): http://umetame.blogspot.com/


  2. Hey there, just wondering how things went since your move to Oregon. I know your post is pretty old, but perhaps you still check it, and hopefully you've made it to Eugene and gotten settled down.

    I'm always looking for some good travel, I'm actually over in Spain now traveling on a budget, but looking to conquer South America in the near future.

    I'm always looking to connect with some new people. Let me know what's up in life.
  3. elatedforever

    elatedforever Member

    I ended up fearing the small size of Eugene, so I went farther north to Portland...which also didn't do it for me.

    While I was in Eugene, a student suggested I check out Seattle. I fell in love with Seattle, but--low on funds--had to decide whether to struggle to make it work or head home.
    ...I chickened out, regretted it, and then ending up becoming a manny (male nanny) on the East Coast (a suburb above NYC). I was going to do another year with a different family in NJ, but it just fell apart a week ago.

    So now I'm semi-stuck in Colorado, looking for a job at a rural liberal arts college. =)

    ...where in Spain?
  4. Right now I'm in Madrid hanging with the sister and her fiancee. I've been here 3 months working a solar energy internship before heading back to finish up my last year of school.

    Bummer to hear you couldn't stay in Oregon. I know a lot of people are bias towards the place they grew up in, but I really do love the Northwest. Where are you at in Colorado?

    Let me know if you're ever back in the Oregon area. I could hook you up with a place to stay for a bit while you get on your feet perhaps.

    Best of luck in everything bro

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