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Discussion in 'Hippies' started by kjhippielove88, Jan 28, 2005.

  1. kjhippielove88

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    this morning my mom told me that a close friend, david dubois, died this morning around 3:30am. he was 79 and he had been in the hospital for about a week now. some of you might of heard of his father W.E.B. DuBois..he was an important civil rights activist in the 60s who marched with other activists including malcom x and martin luther king jr. david was his only surviving son..his other son died in WW2. my family and i usually go to his house about once a week and we spent this past christmas with him. he was like an uncle to me and now hes gone. he did so much in the time that he was here and his death is very a big deal. not just to me or my family, but to many others. it is comforting to know that he lived out a full life. he was a former black panther who knew other members like Huey Lewis, a close friend of Camille and Bill Cosby, president of the w.e.b. dubois foundation, and he just did so much in his lifetime. its so hard to think of his as being gone. this summer we were going to to egypt withhim(he spends almost half a the year there). once again everthing seems so messed up right now. i dont know when or where his funeral will be but i know my mom will do a lot of the planning and i expect to see a lot of 'important' people there. i will do my part along with the others to keep his legacy alive. its wierd..i never thought id be the one who was with him for his last christmas.
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    Wow. You actually knew the DuBois Family on a personal level. That is awsome. Maybe you can give continuity to his legacy by doing something for civil rights... people may tell you otherwise, but there still is a lot be done.

    Yeah, it is a sad loss, indeed. :(

    It is sad to hear that a family friend has died, and it is still sadder to hear that an influential person that you have idolised has died. So, it must be twice as sad for you. :(
  3. kjhippielove88

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    i known the dubois family very well since i was a little kid. i havent met many other black panthers besides david though. his cousin was the one who called around 4am to let us know that david had passed. his cousin was actually in indonesia during the tsunami and it took us a while to locate him but now hes safe in california. i usually help him out with the foundation..i send letters to congressmen, african leaders, and many others. theres actually plenty of people are part of the foudation including the cosbys, maya angelou, ozzy davis, and a few congressmen. now that hes gone someone has to keep his foundation i dont know. i think im gonna take part in that
  4. ZePpeLinA

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    I'm very sorry your friend has passed away. *hugs*
  5. stoney

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    sorry for your loss *big hugs* if you need anything drop me a pm.
  6. Jaz Delorean

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    read yer pm :) *hugs*
    love jaz
  7. Earthwalker

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    I'm sorry for your loss.
    Peace and a hug for you.
  8. moonydancer

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    I'm very sorry for your loss, do your best tho to keep the foundation alive..

  9. jailmate

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    [​IMG]Dey wanted peeeople 2 hang out and get high on their 50 acre farm.
    Killed by duh Mi. state swat team.
  10. kjhippielove88

    kjhippielove88 color + rhyme

    thanks for all the love seriously means a lot

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