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Discussion in 'Politics' started by LordHelmet, Feb 17, 2009.

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    Things seem to be al little askew in the world today... It's no secret that we are currently engaged in two foreign wars, that our economy is in crisis, the government is about to spend a staggering $700+ billion, everyday regular Americans are suffering; losing their jobs, their investments, and their homes, and the health of the planet is in an alarming state.

    What's with all of this anyway? The powers to be in our society would like us all to believe that we are fighting our two wars as an act of self defense. See, there are these small groups of men, hiding in caves, in remote parts of the world. And these men are hellbent on destroying our way of life. They can do it too, because they flew airplanes into buildings in New York, and tragic events like that would destroy our way of life you see... It is tragic what happened on September 11, 8 years ago, but in no way shape or form did i feel threatened in my way of life. In no way shape or form do I believe that small groups of fanatics living in caves on the other side of the globe have a snowballs chance in hell of tearing down the system in which I live. Hell, it's hard enough for an American to make a small change to the system. So it's a ridiculous notion to believe that this "War on Terror" is real, why are we fighting?

    Two more likely reasons are the oil pipeline now in place that the Taliban nixed in 1998, and the opium production, also something the Taliban cut down on while in power. Yes, the Taliban were ruthless, ultraconservative, religious fanatics; but they did a great job in cutting down on their nation's opium production, and it seems made the fatal mistake of not doing business with Western oil companies. In Iraq, the story has been a little less consistent, but no more believable. First, Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction; chemical, biological, and even nuclear weapons. He was willing and able to use these weapons against us. Before we get to the part where after we took over everything, we couldn't find anything, lets go back just a little bit... If Saddam had these weapons, which we know he didn't, how would he attack us with them? He didn't have an airforce, no navy, and what he did have of a military would be of little use in attacking a nation on the opposite end of the globe, unless i guess they intended to dig a hole to the United States, and send their weapons of mass destruction that way... So why war with Iraq? It's been rumored that after the sanctions were to be lifted, Hussein planned to start trading his oil in Euros not dollars which could cause considerable damage to US economic interests. Also perhaps the fact that Saddam routinely acted against the interest of the West's economic powers. Then there's that line about spreading democracy, and bringing freedom to the Iraqi people. If the United States government gave two shits about freedom and democracy, they wouldn't have destroyed the bill of rights by passing the Patriot Act, and if invading sovereign nations were how we intended to spread freedom and democracy there are plenty of nations enduring greater tyranny and hardships than the Iraqi people before 2003. Fortunately for the House of Saud, they have chosen to engage the West as business partners, rather than rivals.

    The economy is in crisis and we're about to spend $700+ to try to fix it... Okay, well why is the economy in crisis? Since 1980 our government has been shifting to more conservative methods of regulating the economy. Ronald Reagan told us that government was the problem, and since then, government has been peeled back from hampering the profits of bankers, speculators, and the energy industry. Sadly today the system is imploding on itself. See that government regulation was in place to sustain the system and keep it from collapsing itself like it did in the Great Depression era. So now everybody is in a panic, and the new government's solution to fix the problem is to spend an inordinate amount of money...

    The Republicans and I actually agreed for a minute about something though. Mine and their opposition to spending $700+ billion from the government. This agreement was shortlived though, the $700 billion I oppose is being spent in death and destruction, yes that is the budget for military spending in the United States this year. The Republicans have no problem spending that much government money on death and destruction, but when it comes to helping Americans get back to work, NOWAY PAL not on my watch they say... It's clear to me, they truly are the party of moral standards in our nation today...

    Hey I don't care if it costs twice what they have written up, if it puts Americans back to work and puts some regulation back into the system I'm for it. As for the state of the planet, a scientific study released this week showed that the effects of global warming were further along than previously believed, and that the situation looked dire. Something about this whole mess seems a bit fishy... I care about the planet, so I'm definitely on the clean energy bandwagon... I don't think that we should be fighting these two wars we are in, especially since they are being fought for economic interests mostly having to do with the control of fossil fuels... I realize that this economic mess was created by a lack of interest in sustainability, and a great deal of interest in profitability... Maybe I'm missing something, but it seems that the best and easiest way to fix all of these things at once would be to get away from burning coal and oil, invest in solar, wind, and geothermal power, and that in doing so we would put Americans to work, eliminate the need for these two wars, and save the environment for our children and grandchildren... But what do I know? I'm just an unemployed hippie peacenik in Michigan...
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    Pressed_Rat Do you even lift, bruh?

    At the same time, hundreds of the world's top scientists are saying the exact opposite. I guess it depends on who you listen to and what research you've done. The UN's IPCC report is cited as being the be all, end all of the "manmade" global warming debate among the proponents of the manmade theory. But did you know that dozens of scientists' names that were included in the final report, despite the fact that they did not agree with the consensus, were included anyway as supporting the findings, which has actually lead to a number of lawsuits?

    Of course there are REAL environmental issues and of course there is real damage being inflicted upon the earth. You don't really hear about this, though. All you hear about is the so-called "global warming" that is claimed by some to be caused by humans.

    But it's interesting because groups like the Club of Rome were saying back in the 70s that they would need to convince the population of a global environmental threat, and they mentioned global warming as one of these possible threats. This was during a time when global cooling was the big hype. They need to convince the public of the global environmental threat to push for world government and global taxation, which we now see moving forward at an alarming rate.

    The globalists often use issues that pull on the heartstrings of gullible, ill-informed but well-meaning people, to push agendas forward that are completely different than as they appear on the surface.
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    And this underhanded, behind the scenes, devious conspiracy is to do what exactly? Those "scientists" you mention are often paid hacks of the oil companies who are put into place to create confusion and dissent. Maybe you're right though, maybe we should side with the oil companies, they've never deceived us about anything, they've always told us exactly what we should do for them...

    Furthermore, I'm not sure if you've noticed this, but pollution stinks, looks bad, and causes damage other than global warming... So global warming aside, why else should we not want to clean anything up?
  4. Pressed_Rat

    Pressed_Rat Do you even lift, bruh?

    The oil companies helped to set up the modern day environmental movement, pal, mostly to demonize nuclear power. Look into the 1001 Club established by Prince Philip, and look at where most of the contributions came from.

    Also, conversely, you could say the scientists on the IPCC panel, who support the manmade "consensus," were paid off by the big foundations to come to these conclusions, which most of them were.

    The notion that anyone who does not support the manmade global warming hoax must be working for the oil companies, is complete hogwash.

    Yes, pollution is bad and very unhealthy. I am not denying this. But if you think the objective of the government is to clean up the environment, then you have been sorely mislead. Look at some of the key players in the formation of the environmental movement... the majority of them are eugenicist elitists who believe that the majority of the world's population needs to be killed off.

    Modern environmentalism, as seen from the top, has nothing to do with saving the environment and everything to do with setting up a world governmental system. They are already taking about a global carbon tax that will be paid directly to the central bankers. This will do nothing to help the environment and everything to help the bankers.
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    Don't you realise that if you recycle a newspaper we are one step closer to FEMA throwing us all into death camps?
  6. Pressed_Rat

    Pressed_Rat Do you even lift, bruh?

    Actually, I do recycle. It's pretty much standard procedure around here.
  7. Hiptastic

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    Then you have made a eugenicist elitist happy.

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