Announcing The Haight-Ashbury 60s Summer of Love Museum, Inc.

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    Announcing The Haight-Ashbury 60s Summer of Love Museum, Inc.

    I will place the website on the Internet as soon as I receive the corporate credit card in the mail. Then I will publish the dot com name and a link here in this thread.

    My longtime Dream. I finally went and paid $300 to file incorporation paperwork to the Secretary of State's office for the State of California for my on-line Hippie 60s museum project "The Haight-Ashbury 60s Summer of Love Museum, Inc." We are Legal!!!!!! In early March 2018 I received a UPS box from and we are real and official in the State of California and nationwide. A real Non-Profit organization. We now own the 60s. LOL Officially!!!!! How can we sell the 60s? It says that we were established by the state on February 7, 2018.Do you want a paycheck? Add to the on-line museum and style it and give this project some worth and some strength. Build a solid heritage to keep it all alive for some great great great great grand children. Pass it on! When we are all very long gone we can be relaying the true story to adults in 2090. Join in and pass the torch. The museum corporation is eternal. We aren't. That's why I am creating this, for now and for the children of the future. Which is also the title of a book that you should read, which is repeated as the name of the Steve Miller Band's first album's title, "Children of the Future". Give the wealth of our experience and love and culture to give hope and success to all future generations forever. Do you like this project?

    Within a week I have mailed off a public information form to the California Secretary of State’s office which lists the Chief Executive Officer, the Chief Financial Officer, the Secretary, and established a business bank account with a corporate credit card.

    My current task is to find the best web hosting for the money and up-loading my current constructed web pages to there. Then to find the best company's deal on dot com name registration and then pay to list a new dot com name. Then to list publicly with DNS, (Domain Name Servers), these, like Google, Yahoo, Web Crawler, and all others so that people can actually find your website. Otherwise no one can find you at all. Your site is unlisted.

    After this, one fills out a two-page form as an application to the I.R.S. for tax exempt status and to become a "501(c)3" corporation. There’s a $300 fee. Then we have to wait to receive an "acceptance letter" from the I.R.S. Then we file with the state, country, and city tax exemption applications for each entity, and send a form to register with the State Attorney General's Office to register as a nonprofit that will be legally soliciting the general public for donations (tax deductible donations). Then many other forms for the fed and the state.

    Anybody want to go to the library or read on-line about how to do grant writing, and when successful make a ton of money on each successful grant? Big time! If anyone is curious then just go start reading. This is big fast cash. Well really big but slow. I'm just curious. It would be good to keep all needs and offers within the family first. Later go outside of the family. Grants are really large.

    Anybody want to go on-line and read about how to do crowd funding? The new museum needs $200,000 to buy 10 acres for music and camp-ins. Does anyone need a commission fee? We need the money fast. The bank account exists.

    Right now, I have so much reading to do, and so many forms to read and fill and file, and so much website to create. Yikes! But we are on and happening.


    The museum has long-term game plans.

    Beyond the hippie museum website, the fast future plan is to use crowd funding in order to buy or lease land in the desert outside of populous L.A. You might have heard of an Album named "Joshua Tree". This is a world famous name. An interesting footnote: Donovan and his wife lived there for 14 years. You might have heard of Donovan. Everyone wants to run away from (get to heck out of) L.A. for a weekend. Escape from L.A.

    The museum growth plan might be to create something like a Renaissance Faire, or a mini Burning Man out on the land, with on site camping. This could be a three month long weekends happening in the spring and three months in the fall. But, rather then walking into a Renaissance Faire where when one walks in through a gate is walking into England in the 1550s, instead one walks through the gate and walks back into 1967. How does that sound? Walking into "The Summer of Love". Poster art, Album cover art, 60s music, dancing, Love, spirit, gathering, crafts, food and anything else that you can dream of. Learning about history and experiencing it first hand while having too much fun at the same time. This is a fun approach to education.

    I have collected over 3,300 60s and early 70s songs on one laptop. I have a full Public Address System, electric generator, mics, and all other sound gear. Good to go. As a museum we just need to get a land deal, sell on-line tickets and camping tickets in advance, order portable toilets and other things. BOOM DONE!!!

    Earnings could be used to fund a large physical building that would become a real museum building at this or another location.


    Further museum long-term game plans.

    Everything described above could rather easily be created in Northern California, ideally somewhere about 50 miles north of San Francisco. I’m thinking somewhere coastal. This would be someplace north of George Lucas’ Skywalker Ranch and his site for the newly proposed Lucas Museum of Narrative Art.

    This would be a seasonal camp-in be-in. Perhaps, on weekends from mid-May through mid-September.

    Again, earnings could be used to fund a large physical building that would become a real museum building at this location or depending on how much funding is gained maybe, ideally, on Haight Street in the Haight-Ashbury district of San Francisco or maybe at Fisherman’s Wharf or both.

    So then, we are talking about 2018 spring in southern California, summer in northern California, and fall back in southern California. No camping in the winter. This would be the yearly schedule.


    Beyond this any future museum extension could be created anywhere.

    This concept could be repeated at Woodstock for an east coast population. Further recreations could happen in other locations like outside of Paris, a large city in Germany, outside of Tokyo, China. Just image.

    Please give us feedback. Improve and shape it all with your dialog, feelings, and feedback. It's me, your buddy, Ken

    Talk with me.

    It's all good.
    Love yas, Scorpio Kenny
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