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Discussion in 'Poetry' started by Isil, Apr 21, 2007.

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    Following are a few antecedents of my poetry and what :eek: These are some of the first poems I wrote, the headmost being the very first, from 8th grade (last year). I wanted to post them so that people could see the huge difference between what I write now, and what I wrote long ago (which wasnt long ago at all o.o).

    But that doesnt really matter because no one reads the dang poetry here >:O


    Through the open window there
    Out glassy window pane
    I know a little place through there
    Where Moon doth wax and wane

    (Theres a second half to this, but I cant remember it.)
    Fond illusions, reveries
    Visions of flight,
    And pipe dreams

    Golden skies,
    Silver waters
    Into my dreams, friend
    Dare not falter

    Break no spells
    Disturb not I
    For I sleep within the skies
    Perchance I fall
    You'd be to blame,
    Then dare not enter dreams again

    (I remember that I wrote this while trying to find another word for "fantasy"...I saw "pipe dream" in the thesaurus, liked it, and wrote a poem around
    Stolen from my Hallowed Ground
    A land of trees' and green
    Where the great birds, peaceful found
    Sail from coast to sea

    With life of joy, great happy mirth
    And air so soft, and fresh
    With celebrations at every birth
    All things caught, in lifes good net

    Yet soon enough do dark days come
    Clouds droop and touch the earth
    And even Golden Sun does run
    Evil ways now come to birth

    (I hate that one. Why did I post it? Who knows...its sucky.)

    Now I return to you, dear
    When the tides are high
    When the gulls are all a-sleeping,
    And the Moon is in the sky

    And now I return to you, love
    When the sea is all aglow
    When the birds sing softly in the wind
    And the Sun dances with the waves below

    So forever i'll be with you, child
    When the sky is full of clouds
    When the sea becomes a temptress
    And the waves crash large, and loud

    And forever i'll be with you, child
    When the sky is bright, and waters soft
    When the white shores are shining
    And when the wind holds our love aloft


    And there you have it o_O
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    Beautiful Poem! :)
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    The dream one I really like. realy good
  4. Isil

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    Thanks to the both of you xD
  5. sylvanlightning

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    Thats wonderful, I love it. :)

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