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  1. Hi I am in search of a tutor preferably with qualifications involving these subjects Ancient History/Archaeology/Anthropology

    I attend College second semester for my first year this year.

    If you are wondering at my age of 23 why is it only my first year in College? Because i was kicked out of high school for attendance. So last year i took it upon myself to do night school and managed to get an A for the overall mark. Gaining me university entry. It is essential to say i am going through therapy that was advised by my tutor for Adult/ADHD.

    I need Help with Essay format's and being more prepared. This is a D mark i got for one paper one point from a C...please tell me what you think? i really need essay writing help, well structure of it.

    Thank you, you can look at my essay i just took my name and things out. :)
    Oh shit! i don't know how to get it out of safe mode on Microsoftwordasshole. If you want to see, just tell me and ill post it :) thank you so much:)
  2. wow no replies hehehehe bastards ROflhahahahah
  3. JeffSorrows

    JeffSorrows Member

    Hey for writing a paper a couple good sites are "OWL" sites for APA and MLA.. you'll have to google it until I can find a link online to post, or transcribe it from my piece of paper, but one of the best resources online so far. Though I'm a student myself, and hey doesn't matter how onld you are, you're getting your shit together and that's all that matters congrats! Also I recently found I have ADD (more innatentive than hyperactive as I seem more like paying attention but literally in one ear out the other, ritalin 3x 20mg a day helps A LOT, but best to work without the pills if possible, but a suggestion since it's not adderal and does actually help for most people I know with adhd and add.)
    (shit.. well that's in America at least, but I'm pretty sure most other places use this format too, but better check your standards to be sure.. Unless you are in America then should be fine, since I have no clue where people are from but eh yeah should be fine)

    MLA (main essay type structures and necessary in English haha)

    APA (psychology type things)
  4. JeffSorrows

    JeffSorrows Member

    oh and your original post was at 5am yesterday (my time, PST), I usually sleep at around 2-4 am didn't see it sorry, but give it time people may take a day or two to reply sorry!
  5. Thank you so very much for all this help, you are incredibly too kind and it is extremely noble of you to think I am getting my ‘shit’ together since others would see it as a waste of time, with my track record. So honestly thank you so very much.
    There is a lot of controversy in my country (New Zealand), regarding diagnosing Adult ADHD/ADD. Informing my GP of my tutors concerns, she ridiculed me claiming there are no test and no such thing as diagnosing an Adult for ADHD/ADD. So without her writing me a script for the sessions, this will not be subsidized and I have to pay myself for getting a diagnosis. I just want to know if this is the reason why I was always in the ‘special classes’ since 7 to high school for slow kid and they all just thought I had to try harder. smh
    I can’t spell for shit. That’s why I’m using Microsoft Word then cut/paste hehehehehe Really sorry if I come across as self-absorbed, I’m not like that in person but I got distracted :\
    When did you find out?
  6. Im not on Microsoft word so this won't be neat hahahaha just looked at the links and awwwww thank you so very much! ill be sure to go through them thourougly. But again i am soooooooo very thankful :) You are in in NZ and it's late right now but can't sleep :\
  7. Laci

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    One thing that might help you with essay writing, well, as far as bibliographies, is:

    When you're writing an essay and need a bibliography, you just copy the website's address, then paste it into the bar on EasyBib. It'll cite pretty much all the information for you and you can just put it in a folder :)
  8. NoxiousGas

    NoxiousGas Old Fart

    that's cheating, and this is two years old.
  9. Laci

    Laci Members

    Ah, I see that now looking at the date :p
    And is it cheating? Where I live, at least, we're allowed to use it for essay writing- including at college level.

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