Anatta = No-Self... A Dynamic Process rather than a Static Entity !

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    The ever Drifting Impersonal Round of Samsara:

    There is no entity: no 'being' exists ...
    There is only a process of becoming: moment after moment.
    Only that which IS the SAME, can cease to BE & re-arise...
    But such Static Existence cannot be observed anywhere...
    Even the stone always changes a little and become otherwise.
    In this ever transient Process of Change, where there is no
    'being', the question of 'next-being' cease to be relevant...
    The anagami-non-returner is just a Continuation of that process,
    like the old man is a Continuation of the baby he once was...

    Example: The baby grows & ages into a 80 years Old man:
    Is this old man the same or another, than that baby ?
    Neither actually ..., but the continuation of a process, that
    both in the baby and the old man continues for every moment.
    No 'identity' is the 'same' & 'identical' only the empty label &
    pointer of 'Name' & 'Designation' remains the 'same'...
    Neither 'the baby' nor the 'old man' have ever really
    Existed as stable & unchanging entities "being the same"
    even for two consecutive moments. So how can the 'old man'
    possibly ever be the 'same personal identity of being = soul!'
    when transmigrating at the moment of death ???

    All is ever new, transient, passing, otherwise & different.
    If they ask you: Who are You ?
    (In the Hidden Assuming a stable & same identity!!!)
    one should answer:
    "Something else...!!!"

    The Blessed Buddha cuts it out in neon:

    ‘Whenever touched by pleasure or pain, whether in town or in forest,
    do never assign it to any ‘self’, neither to any ‘other’,
    since contacts can only afflict the 5 clusters of clinging !
    What can contacts touch & affect in one not clinging ?’
    -- Udana – Inspiration: II – 4

    About the mental state of assuming a 'self':

    ‘First it appeared to be, then it disappeared.
    What was not apparent, became apparent.
    Yet it never remained, nor will it become,
    neither is it to be known now !’
    -- Udana – Inspiration: VI - 3

    All this "I"-dentification is founded on the key conceit; ‘I am’.
    This ingrained self-deception of an existing ego is verily the
    core of all mental defilement.
    For this diffcult, yet crucially important principle of
    Anatta = No-self = Impersonality = Egolessness:

    check out:
    • Reflection on No-self as a basis for insight: SN XXII.59
    • Identifying the five khandhas as "self" is the cause of affliction: SN XXII.1
    • As one of seven perceptions: AN VII.46
    • As one of ten perceptions: AN X.60
    • Relation of No-self to dependent co-arising: DN 15
    • Contemplation of the six senses in terms of No-self: MN 148
    • Not understanding No-self is like being a dog tied to a post: SN XXII.99
    Friendship is the Greatest !

    Bhikkhu Samāhita, Sri Lanka.

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