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  1. hey I have done this brew twice both times not working and only puking. Am used 3 grams of syrian rue and 10 grms of mimosa, I then grinded everything up. Next I boiled everything and extracted 3 times with boiling on med low for 3 hours. I know It's best to boil all day long, but I can't do that simply because of safety precautions.
    The other day I was reading that there's simple extractions where you dont need any boiling, the cold water extraction. Can you please tell me the best method in doing this? I want this to be potent so I am thinking of grinding 10 grms of mimosa and putting distilled water over that in a jar and sealing it up for a week letting it soak and shaking it all the time with cold water. Any suggestions would this be a good way to proceed.
    thanks alot i really need help with this. And if you could tell me suggestions here because most drug websites are blocked on my computer.
  2. gnrm23

    gnrm23 Senior Member

    did you add a little bit of something acidic (vit C, vinegar, a few drops of miriatic acid, whatever) to the water before starting the boiling?
    & is a "drug site" ?
  3. yes i did and it still didnt' work that's why I will probally do the cold extraction.
  4. InFlames420

    InFlames420 Member

    boiling in acidic wter definatly works, you gotta make sure you don't heat too much or you'll destroy alkaloids. i had problems choking it down after, but this is one of the easiest extractions to perform, I don't see how it could've gone wrong
  5. sag aloo

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    10g is not much nor is 3g sy rue - 3g is quoted as the amount 2 take but like anything the amount varys so doez rue 3-5 is a better starting range - in propa aya there is much more harmaline (actually a lot of the effects come from rue) - I'd say start experiments with 3-5g sy rue and 10-15g mim

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