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Discussion in 'Coming Out and Confused!' started by tman6969, May 27, 2013.

  1. tman6969

    tman6969 Guest

    Im a straight male who loves anal toys in my ass am I gay?
  2. analoverxxx

    analoverxxx Banned

    No! Not at all! I was like that also, but im BI now. Altough i dont date man nor have feelings for them i just want hot female too ram my asshole deep and hard!

    Pleasuring yourself doesnt make you gay. Enoy it too th max:2thumbsup:

    Gay is when you are attracted too other man and you want to love them, kiss them, make passionate sex and marry each other.

    There arer millions of men who are secretly doing what you are and i are doing , but they are afraid too tell because they think people will call them gay.

    Fuck your ass and enoy!
  3. nox_lumen

    nox_lumen Member

    As a woman, I think the confusion comes in with what the difference is between wanting a woman with a strap on, made to resemble a penis and wanting a penis is.

    To my personal perspective, the only difference I can see is what a man is willing to admit to.

    Then again, would it make a personal difference to you if the man looked like a hot woman as to whether or not you considered her/him attractive? If I were asked I would consider shemale porn of the bi verity though many a man who claims to be straight would disagree, so perhaps I am not an expert.

    And most importantly, the only person who's opinion should matter on what you like sexually is your own and the right partner will except you as you are.
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  4. KewlDewd66

    KewlDewd66 Member

    This is largely a cultural issue. Some cultures define masculinity as being associated with the insertive sexual role only. Having anyone ram a dick, dildo, or a carrot up your hole for the purpose of your sexual pleasure would be deemed unmanly or heavily leaning on being homosexual on your part.

    Other cultures are somewhat more tolerant here. Your female partner may be able to understand your proclivity, and may be willing to go along with it.

    No doubt, there is a risk involved. Your female partner may soon start wondering when are you going to go for the real thing? There is a potential for tension here...

  5. nox_lumen

    nox_lumen Member

    There is also the potential that the girl may want to watch the real thing.... and my be disappointed if you say no, causing tension.

    Then again, there are so many potential stress points in relationships that it's silly to worry about them until you find them.
  6. DanMontana

    DanMontana Guest

    No. Not if you are not attracted to men. There are pleasure spots/nerve bundles and the prostate that if sufficiently stimulated will bring a man to orgasm without him touching himself. As I am a gay man I can share that never have I felt so wonderfully homosexual (from my perspective) than those few times my lover brought me to a big "O" in that manner.
  7. disasterdan

    disasterdan Member

    My perspective, With my ex-wife we had good sex open talking. I wanted her ass she wanted my ass in return. we got a few toys, she would rim me ( awsum ) use beads on me, moved on to using a dildo, and talking the HOT talk. wouldnt I like a REAL cock! while fucking my ass with the dildo. telling me how good it feels when I fuck her ass with my cock.
    the feeling was planted, but as life goes divorced. never happened. Sometime later, I did finally try anal with a man. It was very good.
    Married again, wife doesnt seem to beinterested in any extra curricular activities. why is it marriage changes a woman?
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  8. nox_lumen

    nox_lumen Member

    you are with the wrong woman if she changes after.

    Some women(and men) will say anything they think you want to hear to get the marriage. If you partner is serious about a sexual fantasy, then there is a good chance they will be willing to do it BEFORE the wedding rather then make you wait.

    If it makes you feel any better, I have had a guy claim they were ok with me not being interested in motherhood only to date me and try to brain wash me into it. What is the point? Some people only want you when they think they can change you and are not clever enough to realize that means they don't actually want YOU.
  9. While all the colors seems too pretty damn close to a rainbow, the prostate is just an organ inside the man's body that can give you good feelings.

    The term "gay" itself is a box to be put in by society. Why don't they call it "male-to-male-love"? That would be a less sex-fixed, but our society is, so we are too. Thus the taboos and on the other hand the predominance of porn on the internet.
  10. Dav

    Dav Members

    I don't think so.
    I fuck myself to anal orgasms
  11. Sleepy46

    Sleepy46 Members

    I use to use toys but the real thing in there is so much better
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  12. SaltyDawg

    SaltyDawg Members

    If you had sex with a homeless person, would that make you a Hobosexual ?
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  13. wilsjane

    wilsjane Members

    To me, it would all depend on whether you would rather have a man or a woman helping you use the toys and no one except you knows the answer to that.
    However at the end of the day, what difference does it make if you have developed a few bisexual feelings. In today's society we seem to want to file everything into tidy groups, rather than just behave the way that we feel.
  14. Noserider

    Noserider Goofy-Footed Member

    Isn't anal sex when you're really picky and meticulous about it?
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  15. NutsForBalls

    NutsForBalls Member

    I don't think that alone determines your sexuality.
  16. Ronneee

    Ronneee Members

    I liked Anal toys and now I like having sex with men. Its alot better having anal with a hard cock. Love it.
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  17. Witoutit

    Witoutit Members

    I've had a few bosses in my life who were very anal about everything.
  18. trieditall72

    trieditall72 Members

    Enjoy it. Getting fucked is better than fucking. I love a good cock rubbing my prostate.
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