An Island Drum Circle..

Discussion in 'Old Hippies' started by hippietoad, Jun 3, 2004.

  1. hippietoad

    hippietoad Member

    Okay here goes.....we're having an internet drum circle in this here old hippies forum. I shall bring the peanut butter and bread for munchin. Now whose bringing what ????
  2. mosaicthreads

    mosaicthreads Member

    Oh count me in! I'll bring my talking drum and a bottle of wine to share...
  3. Sus

    Sus Hip Forums Supporter Lifetime Supporter

    I'll be there...I'll bring my djembe, and my hoop drums, and some sage to smudge with...and some munchies!!
  4. ~Sam~

    ~Sam~ Cosmic Traveler

    I just made three quarts of Goat Milk Koumiss (milk beer), it's pretty good... anyone like to try some? Oh! And a bud or two... and my drum...

    Thanks for the invitation!
  5. hippietoad

    hippietoad Member

    Kewl sounds like an awesome drum circle. Ummmmmm never tried Goat Milk Koumiss. Sounds interesting that's for sure !!

  6. Southernman

    Southernman Boarischer Rebell

    My Yamaha drum computer with this 8 drum pads, Bavarian wheat beer and some zero-zero from marocco. [​IMG]
  7. teepi

    teepi living my dream

    I can bring some drum pads too and about any other instrument thats laying around the studio we could use...

    OHH and some of our favorite homebrew...we call it 3-11 stout.
    Got some other home stuff here...grown VERY

    Munchies...I can whip up some KICKASS nachos, we call 'em mile high nachos.
    Everythings in there...maybe even the kitchen sink if you look hard enough.

  8. homebudz

    homebudz Hip Forums Supporter HipForums Supporter

    I can and will bring some of my guitars.Cool.BUT...............I'll bring some of my special homegrown.Why do ya think I'm called homebudz?!
  9. hippietoad

    hippietoad Member

    Man, I feel a hangover already :D
  10. ~Sam~

    ~Sam~ Cosmic Traveler

    This is sounding like a Jam Session guys! (she says with a huge grin on her kisser.)

    OK, Budz... I'll bring my quitar and an awesome bud to throw into the bowl too.

    An aside: goat milk koumiss... tastes pretty good and packs a hell of a wallop... doesn't taste like milk, believe me. More like a very strong flavored malt beverage. Easy to make: 1 quart of fresh-out-of-the-goat warm milk, 4 teaspoons of sugar and 1 teaspoon of dry yeast, swirl around in the jar. Leave uncovered (with a cloth tied over the jar opening) for 10 hours. Then pour from jar to jar until it's smooth and foamy. Cover, and leave in a warm place for another 12 hours. Chill, stir and enjoy.
  11. hippietoad

    hippietoad Member

    Okay, I shall make some goats milk beer too. I am now on a mission.

    Oh guys also I'd appreciate it if you'd read something Teepi wrote and we posted on me site. It's about Earth Park and the 70's.
  12. teepi

    teepi living my dream


    Is this anything like that yogurt drink..I think its caled kefir?
    Don't know if I spelled that right.
  13. GoodKarma

    GoodKarma Member

    I can play my African marimba...only have too use your the musically uninclined (like me) can play. I'll also bring the Southern Comfort which is my drink of choice now mixed with cranberry juice. Although I have to say Sam, that I am adventurous and would try the goats milk beer.
  14. luvndrumn

    luvndrumn Hip Forums Supporter HipForums Supporter

    1st off - teepi, wonderful story. Thank you. "Will the circle be unbroken? By and by, Lord, by and by.":sunglasse

    Okalee dokalee, lessee here, er um, I mean 'ere...

    ~rummages in the ol drum bag and pulls out some temple blocks (who wants 'em?), a triangle (who wants it?), agogo bells (who want 'em?), cowbells (somebody take 'em), a tambourine (who wants it?), a donkey's jaw (who wants it?), hmmmm, another talking drum (who wants it?), myriad shakers (somebody grab 'em), a vibraslap (who knows what that is?), a guiro (who wants it?), wind chimes (who wants 'em?), a 15 inch aluminum dumbek (who wants it?), and finally, baby (a fired-clay 12 inch dumbek THAT NOBODY BUT ME PLAYS!!!!! Sorry...:eek: that's the way it be)~

    Oh, yeah, there's Miss Kitty in de co-nah ifn anybody has an itch to play traps.:cool:

    Awraht peepole, less make sum noise!!!:D

    Oh, yes, there's Porter in the coola. Hep yo'sef.
  15. hippietoad

    hippietoad Member

    I get the tamborine I get the tamborine :)

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