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    Woo hoo, 3 weeks to go and I'm off again to Amsterdam to smoke copious amounts of the best pot in the world.
    Anyone else been.? Whats your favourite coffeeshop and weed.?
  2. uggg, That would be really awsome to go there someday. but for now I am stuck here.


    Seriously, you should go, it's one hell of a place and there are too many different types of hash and marijuana to choose from, plus it's always a laugh looking at the hookers in the windows.
  4. oh I do indeed intend to go someday.
  5. hamsammich

    hamsammich Member

    I was actually curious about Amsterdam. Me and my friends are goin on a road trip this summer, and we have $3000 saved up for it. How much would a trip to Amsterdam cost instead? And do you have to be 18 to get into a coffee shop cuz 2 of us (including me) are underage.


    Sounds like you have enough money to go to Amsterdam, but not sure how much it costs from the USA though, probably about 300 to 400 each of your American Dollar.

    Sadly though you are too young to enter any of the Marijuana based coffee shops as you have to be 18 or older, and yes they are very strict about this and have doorman checking I.D's. Nevertheless every time I've been I still see loads of borderline/underage people from France, Germany, USA and the UK stoned out of their heads wandering the Red Light District with their mouths wide open in amazement. I suppose they get someone older to score for them and smoke in the parks and canal streets, etc.

    If I were you, I would wait until you have proof of age as some of the coffee shops are surreal and fantastic just to hang out in all day. Believe me, once you've been you will want to keep going. I'm hooked, well and truly hooked, been loads of times now.
  7. Timmaniac

    Timmaniac Member

    hey a tip if your going to amsterdam: dont buy it at some of the more popular shops i the inner city its more expensive there. go to more outerparts of it and if they are asking for i d just walk away and ask a stranger to get it for you and give him like 2 euro extra ;)


    Timmaniac, I am of age to go in the coffee shops BTW. Yes your right don't buy your weed from the ''Cetrum'' based coffee shops as they tend to knock their prices up due to the myriad of tourists. I always go further into the city to get mine and return back to Oz Voorburgwal, etc. Nothing better than wandering the streets at night, stoned out of my head, with no worries as everybody else is doing the same. Heaven for me.
  9. JamesR420

    JamesR420 Member

    i can't wait until i get to go to amsterdam. My mom is paying for my trip as a graduation present. My older brother got a new car for graduation and im getting my junker here soon so i wont need a car. So as long as your 18 (ill be 18 by the time i visit) then you can access any coffeeshop and buy weed and pieces and stuff?
  10. hamsammich

    hamsammich Member

    Thanks for the tips and info everyone. 2 of us are underage and the other two are 18 so we should be good.
  11. Winston420

    Winston420 Member

    sometimes just tickets to amsterdamn can be 3000$
  12. Crayola

    Crayola =)

    Lately the government there was talking about forbidding foreigners to enter coffee shops. It would suck for us tourists, but i understand where they're coming from : dutch people are tired of seeing massive groups of drunk/stoned foreign teens tripping in the streets.

    Well hopefully they dont enforce that law right before u get there lol.
    Last time i went i was asked for my ID in a coffee shop (i was 28 at the time so i guess that was flattering lol). i guess they're extra cautious with that. U're not allowed to smoke in the streets, its not just frowned upon, its the law. So its better if u can stay in a coffee shop.

    only 2€ ?? u must reaaaally trust that stranger lol
  13. Stonerstan

    Stonerstan Member

    You lucky bastard! lol
  14. Infamousguest

    Infamousguest Member

    Amsterdam is a fun place no doubt, and not just fun in the marijuana sense. Great history, awesome nightlife, and lots of beautiful sites to see. But best marijuana in the world? If you're talking quality, there is nothing better than the California scene - destroys Amsterdam, Jamaica, Vancouver, etc. (just on quality, not on price).
  15. POVExdeath

    POVExdeath Member

    I went when I was 22....I was so fucking high, I don't remember most of it. Coffeeshop after coffeeshop, for 3 days straight, and I had 2-3 brownies a day. I was FUCKED up. Yeah some of the weed isn't that great, but the Jack Herer I had off the plane made me retarded. First time I couldn't finish a joint (joints usually don't make me high at all). I also remember smoking some G-13 haze that stood out. I've had better weed here in the states, but you don't get the opportunity to just go out and pick out strains of dank weed at $10/g for just being over 18, over there its almost like going to different bars/pubs and trying different beers. You just show ID, buy what you want, and smoke it right there. And they have a lot more hash there too, I've found blonde and black hash here in the US but over there they have 10-20 varieties from different countries and they ALL fuck you up. And all at about $10/g.
  16. jimmyjoe1

    jimmyjoe1 toker Lifetime Supporter

    I hope you had/ have a fun time in Amsterdam..its well worth the $$$$$$$$$$$$$
  17. unless you live in the state where its like $2000+ to go there
  18. jimmyjoe1

    jimmyjoe1 toker Lifetime Supporter

    yea thats allot of $$$:( from Ireland 100€ and less sometimes
  19. Secret123

    Secret123 Guest

    I'd love to go to Amsterdam, hopefully I'll be going next year

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