Amsterdam in July

Discussion in 'Amsterdam' started by marko, Jun 3, 2004.

  1. marko

    marko Member

    Hello all you Hipsters!

    I am making my annual pilgrimage from the UK over to Dam July 9th - 11th.
    Would be good to meet up with some likemeinded souls from anywhere who are interested in sharing a few stories and having a toke or two.

    Anyone up for it?
  2. Mr T

    Mr T Member

    shame marko, After you helped me on my first ever thread here, I would have loved to meet up.

    Ill be there a week after you though.

    Hope you have fun.
  3. marko

    marko Member

    I shall try my best Mr. T.

    What do you reckon???......
  4. rory

    rory Member

    hey marko, hope ur good. As you know i was down there last weekend for a solo effort as a major wind down after a mad time at work. Did the trick as always, if u've never been alone (which i hadn't) i'd recommend it, its totally different! Got into some really interesting conversations with people.

    Anyway, just a couple of points that may be of use. On this trip i have to admit I did very little in the way of moving, but on a rare venture out I went back to a favourite of mine. 'Club Media' located just near albert cuyp market (tip:to get there take a left down the road b4 albert cuyp straat if walking from heineken brewery end and its on the left) its more of a locals shop and is really friendly with good, totally organic weed. I had some 'Maroc Sunrise' I think (hash) which hit the spot. See what you think anyway. Also, the Jack Herer (skunk) from the Rokerij was on rather good form this year, I was on the brink there for a while! I dont think I moved for about 2 hours man!

    Easy, Rory.
  5. Dam_Runner

    Dam_Runner Banned

    hey buddy-

    i work in a'dam, and am wandering the streets often... my favourite coffeeshop so far is Amnesia-some of the best pre-rolled joints in the city, and the weed is excellent... the lady that owns the shop sells some of her own strains... a couple of which have won awards ;-)

    it's right over on the herengracht, but if you'd like to hang out i'd be glad to take you...

    shoot me an email if you'd like :)
  6. Mr T

    Mr T Member

    Hey marko,

    I just managed to check this forum AFTER returning from Amsterdam.

    What a city!!!...I will definatley be returning soon (its only 2 hours drive away for me :) ) it has got to be one of the friendliest, laid back places on the planet.

    I took your advice on the weed. Started off on weak stuff....No effect. Went on to Medium strength...No effect, and finally tried some strong stuff....erm, No effect. :) I must be the unluckiest weed rookie ever!

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