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Discussion in 'Amsterdam' started by **PsYcHoDeLiC**, Apr 11, 2007.

  1. ok well me and sum pals have got everything planned out for a trip to the dam...problem is we're all 17 and wont be 18 til after the summer...does anyone know of any coffeeshops which arent as strict on id as others?? sorry if this is a bit cheeky nd all lool...x x x
  2. skyhigh420

    skyhigh420 Member

    you will not get into any of the better shops for sure, if you get into any. They are very strict about that and you will have a hard time wherever you go.

    In fact since you asked, my 2 cents is that you should not even try becasue the shop can loose their license if someone under 18 is caught and the police do come around and check. Do not risk the shops license and ruin it for everyone else.
    Now go and do whatever you want as you will anyway. Kids....:rolleyes:

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