American Psychiatry: how much a political tool?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Eleven, Apr 13, 2020.

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    So were these school counselors--not likely to be the cream of their profession? And if you were "forced" to talk to them, that in and of itself would limit the prospects of effective therapy.

    The best relationships are with those who really do care, but those often require quite a bit of caring in return. Unfortunately, we don't have a means of "curing" people without a lot of work on their part. Guided self-help is the best we can do, unless we're expecting somebody just to tell us how to think and act. I'm sure there'd be lots of resistance over that.
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    The most useful applications of psychology are propaganda design and mass hypnosis via media .
    How are you not a victim ? Do you have psychic protection ? Are you a forum political hack who inexpertly
    utilizes the propaganda science developed by the wizards of psychology .
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    I see what you mean. That's the thing I don't want to pay for a guide. I'm confident enough in myself and would just ask for advice from family and friends. That's the reliable sources for me. I don't feel the need to find someone whose job is to have clients who are not doing well. For some reason what they have in their life is not enough and they don't feel good. It's fine if people want to seek that but I just never clicked with it. I do have some Irish heritage I think. They say they are immune to psychoanalysis.
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    How are you not a victim yourself? Are you anything more than a "forum hack" who inexpertly confuses vagueness with profundity? We do the best we can, at least some of us do, to sift through the smokescreen of doubletalk to make sense of the reality around us. I doubt that anybody except possibly yourself considers himself an "expert", but some of us at least make an effort to present thoughts and supporting evidence in a manner others can make sense of and respond to. All the mumbo jumbo about "wizards of psychology" doesn't seem to do much to shed light on the topic.

    Speaking of mass psychology, I understand you're getting ready to participate in an event in July that could bring thousand of people together from many different states in the midst of a pandemic--the annual gathering of the tribes of the Rainbow Family of the Living Light. The OP is concerned that psychiatry isn't speaking out against churches who are ignoring social distancing during the pandemic, since he thinks that's clearly crazy. Should psychiatry be speaking out about that?
    Regular physicians are pretty much the same--in the business of having clients who are not doing well. And I have decisions to make about which ache or pain I want to see one of them for, if any. My podiatrist thinks I would be much better off with extensive work on my feet, but I don't see the need for it.
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    Good-bye , fool . We shall drink from the springhead beyond confusion ... curse this
    as a witch if you must .
  6. Tishomingo

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    Didn't you do that back in the eighties and lots of you got shigellosis? Nationwide Dissemination of Multiply Resistant Shigella sonnei Following a Common-Source Outbreak Maybe the CDC will get a chance to do another epidemeological study like it did back then. Hope not. Shigella is one thing, Covid-19 quite another. Hey, don't blame me. I don't curse. I just point to possible problems based on the facts. And I'm the fool?
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