American Justice

Discussion in 'Poetry' started by TheLizardKingMike, Aug 31, 2005.

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    Gathered together
    Sitting in a circle
    A growing haze
    A private session

    Musing, talking
    Politics, music
    Articulate artistic discussion

    Thunderous crash
    Door toppling down
    "Get on the ground"
    Men in masks
    Military outfits
    Battering ram

    "We got a big bust here, fellas
    Look at this stoner scum
    Get the cuffs"

    Persecuted for recreation
    Inspired creativity
    Serious jail-time
    For possession

    Sentenced for ten years
    Behind bars
    In an eight by six
    A punishment greater than murder
    American justice
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    I never thought I'd hear a poem so direct about drugs and the law. I agree with your statement and think it is a good poem.

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