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Discussion in 'Poetry' started by JJ DIAMOND, Aug 15, 2005.


    JJ DIAMOND Member

    A merica's greatest virtue is our Liberty
    M en and women joined in patriotic beauty
    E nduring peace from sea to shinning sea
    R epublicans and Democrats, United we stand
    I ndependent people, The American Band
    C itizens of a nation under God's Kingdom
    A nd our greatest defence is our freedom
    Whether our background is African, Asian,
    European, Hispanic, or Indian,
    Remember we are American.
    Whether our belief is Buddhist, Hindu, Jewish,
    Muslim, or Christian,
    Remember we are American.
    Remember we all sailed here on different ships
    But now were all sharing the same boat.
    Remember United we stand, Divided we fall
    God Bless America, "REMEMBER".
  2. natural23

    natural23 Senior Member

    Thank You JJ

    JJ DIAMOND Member

    Im glad you liked it N23 people have to remember we live in a melting pot, like Rodney King once said "can't we all just get along".

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