Amber alert in Ocala forest,lots of cops

Discussion in 'Rainbow Family' started by TerrapinRose, Jan 21, 2005.

  1. TerrapinRose

    TerrapinRose Member

    Just wanted to let folks from out of state heading this way know about this situation. There's a registered sex offender who took an 11 year old boy locally and it's believed he might be hiding out there.Apparently this guy goes camping out there. Anyway as a result there could be alot of police presence and they will probably use the amber alert as an excuse to give everybody a good going over so be thoughtful and careful.And if you are out there keep your eyes open for the kid,he probably needs help if the situation is what they say it is.
  2. Earthy Mama

    Earthy Mama Feel my wrath... ;)

    thats so sad. :( That stuff scares me so much, I'm glad I already left Ocala with my boys then... Keep us updated if you hear anymore! I hope they find the kid. Is the guy a local?
  3. sugarmaggie

    sugarmaggie ~Green Eyed Devil~

    I just now heard that on the radio. They said they may be on the interstate traveling toward Tennessee, which is where I live. I couldn't imagine what his parents must be going through. Such a helpless feeling. :(
  4. how long has this been goin on? When I was comin back from tallehassse the other night they had one of those LED billboard over I-10 sayin they were lookin for a white some kind of car, just wonderin if its the same.
  5. jelloman23

    jelloman23 Member

    They found the kid last night.
  6. Earthy Mama

    Earthy Mama Feel my wrath... ;)

    is he alright... meaning still alive? I hope they caught the guy...
  7. jelloman23

    jelloman23 Member

    don't know the details but the kid is safe i believe
  8. they caught the guy, he had headed out to GA and his car broke down so they were looking in the woods up there - they found the boy first up in GA, he's ok.

    but of course it was on the local news that even after they found the guy's car in the morning in GA they continued to shake down the ocala forest... cops out going through everybody & everything. and, lol! the cops said to the media that they were worried what would happen if the rainbow got to him first! i heard dire threats of duct tape...

    so far this year, there's been a lot of bad publicity out in ocala - well, a long, sad story but it was in all the local papers if you want the dirty details, i'm not gonna post it. lots of meth busts in the area last year, those 2 guys drowned out at half moon (where there's meth) and now this - not rainbow related, just in the neighborhood so it puts the spotlight on. just be sure you got id, your car is legal, etc. and no hitchhikin - people will stop and give you a ride without you stickin your thumb (& neck!) out.

    i can't imagine either :(

    from the Ocala Star Banner:

    ''This feels like Christmas,'' said the beaming mother, who had been living a nightmare since Tuesday afternoon when she learned that her estranged husband's roommate took off with her son.

    Fred Fretz Jr., 42, is a convicted pedophile and had been taking Adam to school in the month Adam had lived with the men.

    On Tuesday, Fretz picked up Adam from school and didn't go home, prompting a search that ended Friday evening when they found Adam hiding in a culvert.
  9. ^^^^ dont post the names of my family on here. if this was rainbowland you'd be fucked.
  10. BobbinBecca

    BobbinBecca Member

  11. TerrapinRose

    TerrapinRose Member

    There are frequently bad press references to "the rainbow people" in Ocala,our local paper here in orlando always defines them as "a group of homeless people who live in the ocala forest and use drugs" or something like that.There was some awful situation last year where a guy killed his child and then buried the body up there in the woods and the papers identified him as "one of the Rainbow people" in every article. To be honest I've never gone to a gathering up there because I've heard so many negative things about the drinking,etc (from inside the family,not just the press) and I don't really want to bring my kids up there if it's like A-camp all over. We end up travelling far for gatherings.
  12. he did not kill his baby. he also has been thoroughly investigated, cleared by the courts & released.

    but yeah, they did bring up the rainbow in every single damn article. and no offense, terrapinrose, but it's just that kinda behavior where people only read the awful crap that's in the paper and never take the time to find out what really happened, 'the rest of the story', that so damages the rainbow rep in ocala. not just you but probably half the people in central florida right now think he killed his baby.

    and i'll tell ya something else, i never seen a more gossipin' bunch of fools as rainbow - so let's try to get at least this story right.

    Nothing to tell now, let the words be yours, I'm done with mine.
  13. Eclipse

    Eclipse Member

    Ive heard a lot of negative things about US gatherings, I came down from Toronto like two months ago and I was interested in going to ocala but not if people are on edge and theres cops hassling people. Just wondering if anyone can tell me what to expect. Thanks.
  14. anok4uok

    anok4uok Member

    my friends thought about coming out here to the gathering in the woods, we're locals, is there still lots of cops around? and are they searching people for any reason still? of course we're bringing a little green, and i definately don't want to get searched. any helpful insight?
  15. WayfaringStranger

    WayfaringStranger Corporate Slave #34

    ocala gathering is the bad seed of rainbow, all the gathereings have been deteriorating since the 80's. you can still have a good time and meet good people, but most the good people stopped going to gatherings cus they are sick of the drainbows. ocala has been known to have full blown meth labs in the seed camp and A-camp all over. the nationals are alot better, and there are some great locals around the country, but i wouldnt suggest you go to ocala, unless ou have your head screwed on straight.
  16. blinkin

    blinkin Senior Member

    yeah eclpise I would steer away from american gatherings.
    I had a bunch of rainbows on our bus in newmexico and california, a lot of american rainbows are simply bums, degenerets and junkies who dress like hippies......

    I mean Im sure not all fit in that catagory, though many of the so called rainbows I met state side fit that description.

    hey man so jason got a bus? is he touring ? let me know eh?
  17. paix

    paix Senior Member

    wow, dude, I know you justified that and all, but please please know how very untrue that statement is. There are plenty of bad people out there, but there is so much incredible kind family here, just because you happened to meet some drainbows means so little.

    just please don't judge all the family here because you had a bad expierience. Remember, we love you too :0)
  18. blinkin

    blinkin Senior Member

    oh I know there are really good folk out there...
    It just seems the rainbow in the states can be used as an "image" rather than a lifestyle far to often.

    I plan to hit the nationals this year, I dont think Ill ever go to ocala though I did meet many good folk who attended rainbows, its just that 99% of the people I met who went off about how cool ocala was were folk I would rather avoid.

    Im all for rainbow and I guess its like anything else it shouldnt be judged as a whole by one individual, though recently I have been meeting far to many as you say "drainbows" Its like at the quebec gathering and many others, it seems everybody wants to eat but the kitchens are always asking for help.

    our bus brought a huge can of coffee then were given an increadibly small cup not even halffull in return.

    its these sort of things which bother me, everybody slikes to take but not as much like to contribute.....its supposed to be equal, its supposed to be community

    that works both ways give and get.

  19. Keanua Otter

    Keanua Otter Hip Forums Supporter HipForums Supporter

    Brothers and first gathering was Ocala this time last year and here is what i learned.... the kids and family were/are wonderful and full of love!!!! we see what we want to see...Good people are everywhere. The forest there is so beautiful!!! This is one of the main reasons to experience the earth this way...with other lovers of earth!! Deep green, fragrant pines, saw palmetto palms, and oak trees ... and the living spirits of native american tribes... Thousands of acres, rivers and white sandy trails, to walk barefoot in the warm sunshine...heaven...The family i met there will be in my heart for life...i met lovely, loving humans. i was greeted so warmly everywhere i went and loved and thanked with much loving when l left....the drum circles were dramatic and healing and profound. The mellow bay lagoon sandy beach and pines, where trade circle was held was peaceful and calm and loving....the food and kitchens were amazing. Jonathans pancakes in kiddie village are amazing!!(thank you Horse for your contributions!) Everyone had plenty of good heathy food and zuuzuu's! what more can we want????It was so full of love!!!! in radical and healthy ways... i made it to the Nationals in Modoc this summer....great vibes there too. And best of all saw about 20 of my lovin' family from Ocala! God is amazing and nature is the true consistant example of that love. Look to the beauty of god all around whatever you can understand and see love in others and your rainbow experience will change you forever. Although i can't be there this Feb, i intend to return for the rest of my years..... i appreciate these things. See you at the annual gathering *where ever* this summer! Sister Otter
  20. graven

    graven Member

    I went to Ocala last year, and I helped out, driving/supplying/emergencies.

    Ya know wot? All I came back with was a whole lot of debt, and some knives in my back from folks I thought were friends.

    I suppose I had fun, but I don't really have much enthusiasm for gatherings anymore. I might as well just go to a wooded area near my house and put up a tarp and pretnd I'm camping.

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