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Discussion in 'Dreams' started by skibadee, Jul 2, 2006.

  1. skibadee

    skibadee Member

    ive been havin loads of amazing lucid dreams recently, nearly every night, in the dreams i normally begin to float up in the air then i realise its not real and im in a dream so i let go of what im holdin onto and float up for a bit and see how high i go, i normally dont get too high maybe about 30-40 feet up then float back down.

    once im back on the ground i look for people to beat the fuck out of, normally its in a small town or something so theres people walkin past, i just go all out and try knockin them out, they dont normally fight back too much, so i usually win, this one time i took on about 6 of them with this brick i found on the floor, just wacked it right onto their heads, its a shame though cos there isnt normally blood in my dreams.

    sometimes if i find a car in the dream it normally starts without the keys and i just drive as fast as i can round the town and run over as many people as possible, quite often ive crashed by goin too fast round corners but the crash doesnt hurt so i just climb out and beat up more people.

    i havent found a gun yet in a dream which im hopin to do at some point but ive found many metal bars, baseball bats, bricks and even a sword to use to kill people, its funny cos when i start beating someone up all the people walking past normally stand there and watch so i can get them next (occasionally theyll grab me from behind and i flip them over my back to the floor).

    when i had the sword, only found a sword once, i purposely tried cutting off peoples heads, it was quite hard and i couldnt manage it, it would get stuck on their spine or something and theyd just fall to the floor dead, so they are quite real but just with no blood which is a shame.

    these dreams normally last at least 10mins or so so i get a good amount of time doing what i want. when i had my first one i just walked around then when i woke up i realised i could have done anything i liked, then i had another one the next night and made use of my lucid dream.

    so if you get any lucid dreams rememer you can do what you like so explore the area youre in or kill some people its great fun.
  2. Ironcore

    Ironcore Member

    Play much GTA San Andreas?
  3. skibadee

    skibadee Member

    yeah ive played it before, they are just like gta but a real life one pretty decent.
  4. prismatism

    prismatism loves you

    someday you're gonna start levitating and think it's a dream and then you'll be screwed :D

    but it sounds cool.
  5. skibadee

    skibadee Member

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