amazing information about the animal world

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    Emus Have Double Plumed Feathers And They Lay Emerald/forest Green Eggs

    Penguins Have An Organ On Their Forehead Between The Eyes That De-salinizes Water. It Can Be Seen Only As A Small Hole.

    The Fingerprints Of Koala Bears Are Almost In Indistinguishable From Those Of Humans , So Much That They Could Be Confused At A Crime Scene.

    Elephants Can't Jump.

    All Snakes On The Island Of Tasmania Are Poisonous

    Sheep In Scotland Faint If You Jump Out At Them.

    Roosters Can't Crow If They Can't Fully Extend Their Necks

    Bats Always Exit A Cave To The Left

    The Underside Of A Horse's Hoof Is Called A Frog.

    A Giraffe Can Clean It's Ears With It's 21 Inch Tounge.

    Many Hamsters Blink One Eye At A Time

    A Hippo Can Open It's Mouth Wide Enough To Fit A 4 Foot Child Inside.

    Hamsters Love To Eat Crickets

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