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  1. Hello guys, my first post here!!!

    Im ordering some amanitas and if any of you have tried them would you explain your thoughts/experiences. Ive tried searchin if i missed a giant amanita thread or somethin please correct me!
    Please keep negativity outta here, i do not want to be told its poisonous. oh and by amanita i mean amanita muscaria.
  2. slangshot1

    slangshot1 Member

    alls i no there a deleriant and deleriants are reaally recreatinal fun drugs but i dunoo defrent strokes fo diferent folkes
  3. mellow

    mellow Eased

    I was certain fly agaric could be powerfully hallucinogenic when smoked?
  4. WHat did i first say man, keep the negativity out, that is BS what you heard.

    At high doses Amanita Cause the death/rebirth trip shamans use.
    I simply made this post to see peoples takes on it, that Have tried it before..

    if you still dont believe me and still think its a delieriant like datura check out this site

    so far from all my research, i figure low dose is mild euphoric/head trip.. high doses cause death/rebirth so much that your incapacitated. i was only tryin to see if anyone on here has tried it and agreed with that.
  5. TheCandyMan

    TheCandyMan Member

    i had a pretty low dose and i got a realy euphoric calm feeling, no visuals tho. wouldnt call it a trip, it was relaxing, kind of like cannabis but better and without any of the bad effects (drymouth etc). after about 2 hours i took an E and it felt absoultely amazing.

    so yes you do get a euphoric feeling at low doses and i would suggest you start off on a low dose and try a bigger dose next time, but that depends on the feeling you want and how experienced at drug taking you are. good luck and post how it went once you've tried them [​IMG]
  6. it all depends on the amounts you are ordering. i personally think anything below 8g is not worth the money however i have not ventured above that. i did 6.5 g of amanita muscaria with e and the experience was definitly different to that of a normal roll. the sensations were still there but dulled out. the amanita takes quite a long time to come up on aswell. like being really stoned i found. lots of giggles and wise philosophical debates with the candyman lol. didnt mean to sound negative. hope all goes well.:) xxx
  7. stebo32

    stebo32 amanita monster

    oh... id recommend pickin em up in the forests, if ye live in north america or europe. theyre quite common. cuz i ate some ordered from salviasuply, and some i picked up and dried... and theyre better picked up. and like someone said above. i wouldnt go lower then 5g (if picked). if bought not lower then 8g... if done properly it can be the most intense drug ever . not all of its effects are enjoyable, it might be a deleriant but it can really scare some ppl
  8. Stiney

    Stiney Member

    I never done them meself fryball but i've seen two of my friends while they were on them and talked to a few people that did them. Thier supposed to be completely different to normal magic mushrooms so don't be expecting the same kind of trip. When my friends did them the couldn't stop smiling, they kept going from being really hyper and talkative to just lying there totally chilled, not even moving. Niehter of them could really explain what it was like properly to me after wards, they both said its something you have to do yourself to know what its like. This link should give you a basic idea of what to expect

    Please post another thread on here after you do them to let us all know what there like, iv'e been wanting to try them for ages but keep putting it off till i can here a decent account of what thier like to see if it'll be worth the hassle of getting them.
  9. Sorry i jumped on your case stiney, been without weed for a while and i was really hostile to you. Anyhow today the package arrived.. Man and they taste awful compared to normal magic shrooms which i enjoy the taste of.
    So far i only took a very small dosage to make sure im not alergic or hypersensitive, tonight i plan to take more and will post back to let yas know how it goes.
  10. o yer o yer o yer. make sure that u spend a part of your trip in a pitch blak room. its a must. some of the visuals i saw there were quality. like CEV's but with my eyes open. hope all goes well :) xxx
  11. So today i made tea with it,
    first time i used about 4-5 gramsish.
    I drank one cup around 1:30, by 2:00 a heavy sedation was comin on. I was all the way up at 2:30. Very very strange feeling, which changes as it comes and goes. Not many visuals but my visual field is very obstructed. Its like i cant focus my thought to use my eyes unless i read word for word. Veryrandom visuals!
    oh i drank another cup like 3-4 hours in. This mostly just kept it goin, rather then increasing effects.

    Also tonight i went to bed early ea withand woke up at 1 am. made t a little less then 3 times earlier! Drank half at 1:30 ok.. now its 5:40 and like 30 mins ago i finished the rest, i also ate a little cap. I am so fuckin tripped out. and the visuals arent super clear, its like everything is buzzing!! The body high is kinda numb, with a little bit surges. I just feell spaced out, not very philosophical though.

    well i wanna try a larger dose obviously.
  12. TheCandyMan

    TheCandyMan Member

    sounds very different to my experience lol. go for the higher dose and let us know how it goes

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