Amanita Decarboxylation

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  1. Has anyone here had personal experience with successfully decarboxylating Amanita Muscaria ibotenic acid---->muscimol?

    I read that just heating up will not work. You either have to expose the mushroom to UV rays or roast it over a fire. i cant find any solid information about this by putting it into google. I want to make a muscimol extract, but first i need to know how to convert the ibotenic acid.

    Any help would be much appreciated
  2. ghost of rat

    ghost of rat Senior Member

    How to make amanita extract:

    Collect fresh caps (no stems), use a damp cloth to wash the white bits off the caps.

    Cut the fresh caps into quaters and then cut some of the gills off as well (you just want the red skin, the orange goo under the red skin and about 1/4 inch of flesh under the skin.

    Decarboxylating ibotenic acid to muscimol occours naturaly when the mushroom is dried and or heated. simply heat in the oven at 170-200F for 30 mins. this is sufficient enough.

    take the mushroom peices out, allow to cool, cut them into smaller peices and leave them in the sun to dry. Once they are the hardness of lether, cut into smaller peices and dry them further.

    Once they are fully dry grind them in a coffee grinder, put the powder in water and heat (simmer, not boil) on the stove for an hour.

    using a coffe filter, filter the amanita powder from the water. Soak the amanita powder in warm water again to capture the last of the alkaloids.

    Combine the two aqueous extracts in a saucepan and simmer to evaporate.
    Dont get impatient and boil it as it might damage the alkaloids.

    you should be left with a potent resinous/tar like substance which can be smoked or eaten.
  3. have you successfully done this before? Also the boiling temp of Muscimol is very high (around 184 C), so would boiling the water hurt it? Thanks for the response!
  4. IDL

    IDL Banned

    I've done something similar to that extract. The taste is absolutely disgusting, got nothing more then a very watery mouth, a little diahrrea, a $25.00 less in my pocket since the amanitas were purchased online. I used 1oz of a. Muscaria dried caps and made sure the water wasn't so hot that it destroyed the muscimol. Meh, I would of just bought myself a bag of bud or the psylocibyn mushrooms.
  5. could it have just been amanitas though? I would pick them fresh. Ghost of a rat- have you actually done your method before??
  6. ghost of rat

    ghost of rat Senior Member

    No it is hypothetical. the recapie I posted above is compiled from lots of research of information spread across the web. But in thoery it works.

    I have done the preparation up to the point where I ground the dried amanita caps into fine powder. This was then smoked and made into a tea, the effects were very pleasurable.
    But I havnt done the full aqueous extraction. -I will do when they came back in season again.

    Some information you may find useful.

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