Am I screwed?

Discussion in 'Cannabis and Marijuana' started by SagaciosuKJB, Jun 5, 2004.


Will I fail?

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  1. SagaciosuKJB

    SagaciosuKJB Member

    Well, I was smoking last night with my pals, got ripped as hell. Today when I get back, my mom surprises me with a drug test. I have to take the test today. Normally, I will dilute, and drop one or two drops of bleach in the sample, and I'm fine, but I just want to know if I'm screwed if I do it right after the night I smoke.
  2. Fractual_

    Fractual_ cosmos factory

    i think it stays in your system for about a week after one time use.
    drop the bleach if u can! or get a friends piss!

    or explain u love weed and its not bad if u use it reponsibly and moderatley
  3. anazasi

    anazasi Member

    Rumors are it stays in your system 28 week...two weeks...I had a friend in the army...smoke the night before he got tested and he passed...I smoked once before a test and passed...I don't know what to believe...I'd say drink a lot of water...Buy one of those teas at GNC and you'll be fine
  4. SagaciosuKJB

    SagaciosuKJB Member

    Well, I drank about 3 liters of water, filled the sample cup up to 50 mL, and added two drops of bleach. And I passed with flying colors ('cause I was still high).
  5. marquee

    marquee Member

    haha. good job.
  6. Spiral Sea

    Spiral Sea Member

    your mom is testing you??? :eek: what is she going to do if there are traces of THC in the sample? :confused:
  7. JohnnyATL

    JohnnyATL Banned

    A severe "spanking" haha idk probably ground him or somthing?
  8. Shamrock

    Shamrock Member

    I'm pretty sure a spanking is out of the question. I've seen pictures of sagaKJB... he's not a small man. He would have to be willing to get a spanking as opposed to someone inforcing it on him.
  9. JohnnyATL

    JohnnyATL Banned

    Have you seen his mom though? maybe she is a hoss? lol idk nvm
  10. SagaciosuKJB

    SagaciosuKJB Member

    No, my mother woudln't even be able to spank a small child. lol

    But, she says that I won't get a car until she gets a clean test. I don't know what happens if she ever gets a dirty one. Probably try to send me to rehab or something.
  11. KingOfTheJews

    KingOfTheJews Member

    wow you can actually buy drug tester kits?
  12. LuciferSam

    LuciferSam Member

    Yea you can, they sell simple testing kits for parents in the drugstores... kinda sinister ain't it? These kits are also often pretty unreliable/inaccurate.
  13. unorthodox

    unorthodox Member

    I read somewhere that weed can still be in your system for up to 1 month but the more you use it the quicker you can get it out your system
  14. KingOfTheJews

    KingOfTheJews Member

    I don't think we have drug tester kits here in England as the local chemist doesn't have one :)

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