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Discussion in 'Buddhism' started by sanelycrazy, Dec 31, 2004.

  1. sanelycrazy

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    I've been drawn to Buddhism and anything relevent to it for as long as I can remember. I've been trying for about a year to get a grasp on meditation but I can't seem to get it right.

    Here's the issue... When I attempt to meditate, i'll sit down and try to sit up straight. I can't get the leg thing, but that will take some stretching on my part. But I'll start breathing, and try not to get distracted by everything. I'm unsure if I should just focus on breathing, or do I count as well? I read a few posts and some say to, but still being a begginer I don't know if i'm "ready" to count yet? Also, I tend to open my eyes impatiently. I'm sure this must seem juvinille to some, but any help would be appreciated. :) thank you.

  2. TrippinBTM

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    actually, it's easier if you count, beginners are usually advised to. and the sitting postures aren't too vital, besides sitting up straight and comfortably.

    here's a great site that will be more helpful than anything i could say
  3. sanelycrazy

    sanelycrazy Member

    Thank you:)
  4. sanelycrazy

    sanelycrazy Member

    Hey, now that i'm reading this site its really useful! I like it a lot! hehe, thank's again!
  5. NikkiLou6387

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    you can sit in any position. the lotus position, although advised, is awful for your knees. focus on yourself, try not to think. i like to play music so that i dont feel the need to think. if you're at all like me, and you must be because you're female, you can never stop thinking. you can't sleep at night because you're problem solving, and then when you realize that you should be sleeping, you sit and analyze the situation "why aren't i asleep? let me think about it..." so yes it is difficult. but helpers such as music, fountains, inscense, candles, neck pillows, etc. are out there for you and i who can't seem to concentrate on not concentrating!
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  7. Will

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    If there are any Buddhist centres/retreats/temples nearby to you I would strongly advise you attend some classes there, I was having trouble with my meditation at the beginning but found it alot easier after being instructed and guided.

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